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    Website Navigation & Designing Are Important For Visitor Engagement

    June 24, 2013 — By Brain Technosys

    The task of designing a website is not the sole responsibility of the designer, but requires a team work. A site designed with inputs from both web designer and SEO professional makes it perfect.

    It is not always about the look and feel of a website. There are many other aspects which need to be considered before laying out the design. A site has to perform well on the search engines and capable enough to engage the incoming traffic.

    On certain grounds like navigation, optimization of tags, images, etc., a site must be fully tested through A/B testing methodology.

    While working on the website:

    1. One has to create 4-5 variations of a page based on top strategies and then make them live on the internet.
    2. After that, the pages will be tested for visitor response and stay time.
    3. The pages with higher response rate are to be carefully examined for the sections where a user stays for the longest.
    4. If the page invites people to subscribe or click, you can check with different placements of the links and colors.
    5. The page with the highest CTR, maximum traffic and longer stay time will be the one that is required on the site.

    The internet marketing team at Brain Technosys carried out analysis for Cine Dica’s website for testing its navigation and strategizing the SEO plan. The website is created for films released in Brazil from world over and provides reviews, ratings, video streaming, etc.

    The website is nicely designed by keeping in mind the user’s aspect. The links are clean with placement at right sections and under relevant content, images. A website with planned link strategy always performs well on the search engines. In addition, it will help in reducing the bounce rate as the user will find it easy to navigate through the website.

    Cine Dica is performing well on the search engines by just tweaking the content and links which in turn allowed better visitor engagement.