Product Development

At Brain Technosys, we offer our clients with a range of product development services. All our services are best in class and of top-notch quality. Our expertise lies in creating a client-server application that is based on software for stand-alone computers as well as n-tier to take care of small office associated work. With the help of our application, you will be able to access accurate and reliable data that has been stored on any device anywhere with great ease. This can significantly empower your business.

Our Services: Brain Technosys believes in developing only robust and effective enterprise applications that have user-friendly interfaces. Some of the areas in which we develop high-end client-server applications include Database Management, HR Management System, Lead Management System, Appraisal System, etc. We also work in the area of web services and windows services for RSS Feed and XML. Brain Technosys develops web crawling software applications as well in order to gather data from other sites on the internet. With the aim to provide client’s connectivity to the server by the use of IP or TCP protocols, We develop unique software applications.


This is a mobile-based app for recruiters and job seekers. Recruiter can post and search the candidate very easily and Job seeker can apply for the jobs in quick steps. This is the revolutionary app for hiring the candidates with proximity search, a quick search through location / Map.

What makes quikhiring different & advanced?

  • 1-Step registration
  • Video profiles
  • Map based searches
  • Post jobs & invite
  • Pre-configured interviews
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This product is a generic product to be used by any individual or any kind of firm for helping them or their employees to do task management effectively. We can record day to day tasks to be remembered. It has Groups, Team, Task sharing, Calendar and Reminders etc modules to make it a good product. Contact for the more detailed prospectus.

Main features of QuikTasking.

  • Assign Tasks.
  • Share tasks with others.
  • Make a clone of the task.
  • Make a Team and assign a Task to a Team.
  • Set the priority of the tasks (High, Medium and Low).
  • Email Notifications to the users of any action.
  • Message System to Clarify the things.
  • Mark the tasks completed, pending etc.

Others Products

We have other products too. Which are QuikHandle and QuikWorking. Both make the our work easy. Through QuikHandle and QuikWorking, anyone can handle the things easily in daily busy schedule.


This is the product for New York based Eviction Attorney / Law firms to let them manage their cases, case documents, clients and accounting effectively.


This product is a useful tool for Small to Mid-sized IT/Development Companies to let them manage their Team and also to let them Manage projects.