FAQ – Development Services at braintechnosys.com

  1. 1. What is the cost of building a new website?

The exact cost of building a new website depends on many different factors. The best web developers in our companies are experienced in handling custom web development practices and focus on preparing the website as per the client’s needs. There are multiple factors at play here, such as the type of tech stack the developers use and the team members working on the project.

For different clients, the cost of hiring a web development company like Braintechnosys or freelancers does add to the overall budget concerns. All of these factors, and other resources like the development area overhead cost, etc., contribute to the overall cost.

So, it is difficult to predict an average cost for web development. Discuss with the experts at Braintechnosys the main project guideline and expectations at the beginning of the project. We will provide you with an estimated cost after careful evaluation.

  1. 2. Is there an e-commerce website maintenance and support service available under Braintechnosys?

Yes, the experts at our agency do extend high-grade e-commerce website development and upgradation support. Our specialists offer consistent and thorough support and maintenance work during web development processes. Expect cost-effective rates.

  1. 3. Do you build mobile-friendly websites?

At our company, the expert web and app developers have the knowledge and capability to create sites with mobile-intuitive structures. With our solutions, users can carry out different tasks like browsing, order making, tracking, and ticket booking while commuting.

Plus, our developers focus on creating a responsive web design to maintain the functionality and appearance of the website consistent across different devices. Another benefit of building mobile-intuitive websites is higher SERPs.

  1. 4. What is the overall time to complete website development?

The total amount of time it takes to complete a web development project depends on the type of website being made, level of customization, and development skillset. To note, it takes around 1-4 months approximately to create standard-level websites under a web development company, in general. Please complete the discussion about the potential time deadline during the first meeting for best results.

  1. 5. What versions of iOS and Android is used during mobile app development?

We at Braintechnosys support different types of iOS and Android software versions for mobile app development. Our experts can implement all types of Android versions, like Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean, Gingerbread, and KitKat. Moreover, we support all iOS versions as well.

  1. 6. What types of apps are developed at Braintechnosys?

Our team at Braintechnosys develops diverse types of applications, such as native, cross-platform, and hybrid apps. We focus on the needs of our clients to know which OS platform they intend to target. After that, we provide our service.

  1. 7. Is it possible to update the development website after the professional developers have completed their work?

We create customizable websites that are easy to operate and adapt. You can add updates to your website after the whole website is complete. In fact, our team members would suggest you consistently update the content on your website to hold a higher SERP ranking and increase consumer loyalty.

  1. 8. How would the UI/UX developers at Braintechnosys help develop the desired user behavior?

At the beginning of the project, our UI/UX experts focus on completely intensive user research. Then, they analyze the competitive market and frame an ideal user persona. After that, they plan an overall interface wireframe or the UI/UX design plan route. Following this, our designers run A/B testing and other testing techniques to check the quality of the interface.

  1. 9. Does your company offer SEO services during e-commerce website development?

Under our range of e-commerce web development services, we offer SEO services as well. This effectively enhances the indexing of the search engines, increasing the level of web traffic to the e-commerce site. Expect higher development and growth rate of your company.

  1. 10. Do you offer dedicated developers to work directly on client projects?

Yes, we do offer and that too on all experience ranges and on all major skills like react js, node js, android apps, ios apps and .net core developers etc.

  1. 11. What all skills and technologies you use for websites and web application developments.

For website and web applications development, we use the below technologies:

  1. 1. Javascript Frameworks and Libraries: React.js, Angular, Node.js, Express.js
  2. 2. PHP: Laravel, CorePHP, CakePHP
  3. 3. CMS: WordPress, Woocommerce
  4. 4. Microsoft Technologies: ASP.Net MVC, ASP.Net Core, C#
  5. 5. Databases: MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, CosmosDB


  1. 12. What all skills and technologies you use for mobile application developments.

Below are the mentioned technologies and skills for mobile applications development:

  1. 1. Android App: Kotlin, Java
  2. 2. iOS App: Swift, Objective-C
  3. 3. Hybrid/Cross-Platform App: Xamarin


  1. 13. What pricing model you propose to your clients?

If the project scope is fixed then we provide fixed cost and timeline estimates. For ongoing maintenance, upgrade and ongoing developments we propose our clients to hire our developers on hourly or fixed monthly basis on affordable costs.

  1. 14. What project management tools and methods you use in your projects?

For project tools, we use the below:

  1. 1. Internal project management tool: BT project management tool
  2. 2. Other tools: JIRA, Trello, Axosoft, GIT
  3. 3. Cloud Computing: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud
  4. 4. Methods: Agile- Scrum and Kanban, Waterfall,  DevOps
  1. 15. How do we serve and support USA based customers?

Most of our clients are from USA and we have unique offering for them which is specific to USA Market Standards. We have onsite and offsite team well trained to communicate and serve US based clients even in their timezone.

  1. 16. Do we have local presence in United States?

We have development team offshore in INDIA as well as in United States. We have team of technical architects and senior developers living in USA ready to work on your projects under the umbrella of our US based company i.e Brain Technosys, LLC.