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Online ordering and management system

John Valenti, Founder & Owner - QuikSys, came to us with an idea of making the ordering process online for one of his friend who is into wholesale industry. The offline process includes ordering through text, email or call which is quite time taking and have high chances of errors. After the requirement was analyzed, we proposed the solution named
QuikSys – an online ordering and management system for wholesalers


Technical Stack

Accounting software

  • XERO
  • MYOB
  • Quick Box
  • JIVA
  • ABM


  • Cakephp
  • Laravel
  • javascript
  • JQuery
  • Ajax
  • Objective C


There were so many challenges which wholesalers were facing. Below mentioned are some of them

Time consuming:

This was quite time consuming to make phone calls, text or email for order and then taking the follow ups about the order status. Every time making calls for order status wasn’t quite feasible.

Dispute in Record Management

Managing the records like when was the order placed, quantity and items requires so much efforts and not having anything documented create lots of dispute.

Stock Management Issue

Managing stock is most important and critical challenge for wholesalers because not having the accurate stock quantity leads to sales loss and extra or unwanted ordering.

Proof or Invoice:

We all know how important it is to have the proof of your order as you are paying money to someone. In offline process you receive that paper invoice which again requires your effort to save it and sometimes you don’t even get invoice for your payments

Manpower Requirement:

This is not easy manage all the records without manpower which again require your money investment.


After analyzing the issues, client requirements and research we decided to develop a complete online solution which includes a mobile app for ordering and Admin portal to process these orders with accounting software integration named as QuikSys.

QuikSys is a complete online Ordering & Management System started with single business owner who was into wholesale indutry. QuikSys started as a MVP focused on the feature of Ordering. Eventually and gradually it was enhanced in terms of Business Owners, Features and End Users.


QuikSys – A Journey of Evolution

The beginning

QuikSys started with features of ordering and inventory management where user can place the order and that can be processed by the admin in the web portal. In the beginning there was only one business owner who was using this system. We have used accounting software like XERO, ABM, MYOB, JIVA and Quick Box.

One Step Up

We started with single business owner but as we all know great things can’t be hidden and same happened with QuikSys. Right after the start, we started getting more requirements of business owners from wholesale industry who wanted to use this. We started development for different Business owners according to their requirements.

Enhancement in features – Success in Business Owners

It is always necessary to keep enhancing the product for better success and desired outcomes. So, we did the same according to the feedback and client requirements we kept adding the features into it. We added features like Stock Management, Invoice Generation, Multiple Price Management- by this we can sell a product on different prices to different users, Business Owner mobile app and Account Manager mobile app.

Quick B2B – Evolutionary Success

While QuikSys being really successful among wholesalers, there was a challenge that every time for a new business owner we have to make certain efforts to develop the system. Hence we created a dynamic paid version named Quick B2B. Basis on accounting software you want to use can register on the website and after the successful registration automatic database will be generated for that user and can start using the app and web with a 30 days free trial period.


  • QuickSys started with
  • Single business owner
  • Focused on ordering online


  • Business owners increased from 1 to 20
  • Continuous features enhancement


  • Features like stock management
  • Quick B2B launched
  • App launched for business owner
  • App launched for account manager.


  • Continuously work on enhancements
  • 60+ Business owners on both the plateform.
Success Journey from QuikSys to Quick B2B and till date

Modules and Features

If we talk about the module and features of the system below image is showing the overview of main modules / features of the system

Client testimonial

It is the great pleasure that I write tjis letter of recommendation for Brain Technosys Pvt Ltd. Brain Technosys Pvt Ltd has been responsible for programming and developemnt on many of my website projects, on a contract basis for over 10 years. even though we are a world apart, they are only and email away, to help, discuss and always keep us up to date on project progress. Most importantly Brain Technosys Pvt Ltd has the ability to complete complex programming tasks, meet deadlines and priorities, and always display good work ethics. The person that Director Shri Pal Singh has exhibited the past years always makes it a please to work with him and his team. I would highly recommend Brain Technosys Pvt Ltd to any person or company that is looking for excellent service that gives you results.

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Car compare tool

Bob Fabbrini has the website for comparing things. He was in the need of a separate website or tool in which users can compare the cars and based on some algorithm, website need to show the ranks for cars. Admin will manage the questions asked from user on front end.

Technical Stack


  • HTML
  • Jquery
  • Css 3


  • Core 3.1


Although it look like very simple website but in background we need to manage lot of things.


There were 50 million records which we need to import into MYSQL.

Complex Algorithm:

We need to use one algorithm given by client to get the ranks of cars based on inputs.


We need to show the total number of cars based on users input on every step.


We need to show the result very fast.


After analyzing all the challenges, we used the Events for migrating the data into the table. After migration, we applied the filtration and sent to correspond tables. We used the temp tables to keep the users inputs and applied the final algorithm on temp table. We used optimized query to get the result very fast. We use the caching for fast loading.

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Any Hour General Practitioner

Lan lowe, our valued client who already worked with us for another project contacted us again for a new project named AHGP – Any Hour Medical practitioner. In this project the requirement was to develop a platform where a patient can search for doctors and can book the appointment with them.


Technical Stack


  • Bootstrap 3.0
  • Jquery 10+


  • MVC 4.0
  • C# 5.0
  • SQL Server 2014
  • LINQ
  • QuickBlox API


The goal of this application is to provide an instant and efficient way to search doctors, book appointments, online consulting and emergency consulting 24*7. It was initially started with the module of online appointments and had been extending with features like Online video consulting, Online payments, Emergency services, etc.

AHGP Journey

The image given below is showing the overview of the journey plan from initial development to final completion with enhancement and everything.


  • Documentation and proposal approval.
  • Development of web portal for doctor and patient


  • Enhancement in features.
  • App development.
  • Online payment facility.


  • Beta version completed.
  • Kept in monthly maintenance mode.


  • Bug fixing if any.
  • Monthly maintenance mode

Modules and Features

Patient Portal

  • Profile management booking.
  • Booking appointments
  • Video call request
  • Transaction history
  • Document library

Doctor Portal

  • My dashboard
  • Appointments
  • My availability
  • History
  • Notifications


  • My dashboard
  • providers
  • Sub admin
  • template & Questionnaire management
  • Subsciption
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BoatQuest- A step towards success

BoatQuest was the first company owned project. We both were the only team in the beginning of this project. And with our dedication and hard work within 3 months we launched the basic version of the website

While maintaining the first version live, our client who turned our good friend by the time was having a very good SEO knowledge and kept working with us to upgrade and enhance the website for making BoatQuest a success.

We made the website SEO Friendly, URL Rewriting, Strong page density, contents, lot of pages interlinked and keyword density etc. and we kept doing Google submissions.


Technical Stack


  • HTML
  • Jquery
  • Css 3


  • 2003
  • 1.1
  • C#
  • SQL Server 2003


In 2003, I and my friend were working as developers with a dream of owning our own Brand and a good company. While working as developers we got an opportunity to develop the web portal like or

Yacht World is an online directory of several different kinds of new and used yachts for sale.

BoatTrader is a Miami, Florida-based website in the marine classified segment aimed at the US market launched in 1991.

Today, Sam Fulton is CEO at Boats Group which includes the leading marine brands of Yacht World and Boat Trader.

And with the successful completion of these projects we started our own based web development company named Brain Techosys Pvt. Ltd.

Glimpse of success

While having the live version it was needed to increase the visibility and usage of the website. So, client started magazine and other internet promotions. With all this Mr. Edward kept discussing with us lots of ideas and we all got good experience on many thing related to Web Portal development and Marketing.

These promotion resulted in good traffic to the website. And the feature of Manual Inventory update helped us to bring the Brokers from kind of well-established websites like, and to our website and they started updating their inventory to BoatQuest.

Addition of multiple domains

Now we realize that to spider it on web we can develop many more domains and subdomains with the same database and little different code base for each but same code for all domains and so we did. On basis of different categories we created different domains as below

1. Country Specific Domains:

  • (For USA Boats Listing Only in FEET & USD).
  • (For Canada Boats Listing Only in FEET & CAD).
  • (For USA Boats Listing Only in Meter & UK) and many more for other popular markets like NZ, AUS etc.

2. State Specific Domains:

We have had 50 domains, one for each state and listed boats of that state only. On each domains we created various categories and sub-categories based interlinked pages. The domains were like


3. Category Specific Domains:

Another version of code created to replicate on many category specific domains like

  • etc.

4. Manufactures Specific Domains:

Another version of code created to replicate on many manufacturer specific domains like

  • etc.

Finally on the top

Finally all our efforts resulted on being on top. The successful web spidering of lots of keywords related pages and domains on web gave incredible results in SEO and website lifted a huge traffic that gradually reached up to 100K visitor per day.

In 2008, started beating the big competitors who were in industry for over 10 years.

Brokers from, and etc. started showing interest our website but we realize manual inventory update is not feasible. Hence we made an agreement with them to share the feeds and we developed the web services to generate feeds of common brokers from our website / database for all new, updated and sold boats and periodically kept sending to other websites servers for facilitating their database in a format they expected (FTP Upload, Excel, CSV, txt etc.) and also we developed incoming feeds to get the listing update from them in a format they wanted to send and parse to our database.

This helped all organization grow collectively.

Also, we kept doing Automatic Daily Feed Submission to the FTP of big search engines. So, they crawl and update their indexing for our webpages. We developed Feed for Google, MSN and Edgio etc.

Challenges & solution


Due to the high traffic on the website, processing speed decreased for BoatQuest. Even after upgrading the Server Configuration the website was slow in process.


Then we realize we are now grown up and we need to have a web farm. So, we had 3 web servers, 1 database server and doing load balancing, maintaining sessions through SQL server. So, we created the web farm of multiple servers and were amazed to see the results as website become faster with the huge traffic and database.

BoatQuest takeover by AIM media

Edward Agabs finally decided to sell (Grown this up as his baby) after getting a very good price from AIM Media. And in Dec 2010 – Jan 2011 took over BoatQuest.

AIM Media took over the business with all the code, database and copyrights from Mr. Edward Agabs and Edward introduced us to them as the God Father of and they have decided to retain us for next 3 months to redo the entire website in upgraded Design and unfortunately they decided to shut down all other domains except and did lot of changes to make it again a very basic website with very less pages and that resulted in Search Engine Ranking drastically fallen down in no time. We were not continued to work on it further as they said they have their own in-house Team to manage this and continued working with that.

Blog by General Manager – AIM Media:

In 2013, they contacted Edward again and asked him to help them rebuild it again in same code base and all same domains to get back the original rankings, we were asked to submit proposal and unfortunately they went in different direction and the website is still the same, not doing very well, they are focused on other similar domains that they own and the website was gradually shut down taking over all of its clients and listings to the other big and older websites they owned for the same.

Client testimonial

“I’ve been using services of this wonderful group for almost 10 years now. What can I say, I’m very happy. Take a look
at my site . I’m kicking butts of my competitors who were in business for 15 years.”

Time for another Baby:

After, it was time for another project we got from Edward named vehiko was Reverse Auction system for automobiles, especially cars to let Consumers post the desire and car dealers shall bid. The project was successfully competed and now under maintenance mode with us.


It’s important to mention that few years back we got another such project though not that big and rich in features but we have designed and developed this as per the client requirements and features list and still maintaining it on behalf of client:

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Improve the legal practice management

Novick Edelstein Pomerantz, P.C. is among the largest law firms in Westchester County and is one of the leading law firms in the New York metropolitan area concentrating in all aspects of real estate law. They were using FOXPRO windows software app to manage their cases. This was made according their current requirements and gradually was enhanced with time for new features and requirements.


Technical Stack


  • Bootstrap 3.0
  • Jquery 10+


  • MVC
  • LINQ
  • Entity framework
  • SQL Server
  • Sync. Fusion


Though the software was fulfilling the needs of client but there were still challenges while using this software which are as below

Complex UI:

The very basic challenge for this system was its complex UI which was ery hard to use and understand.

Outdated Technology:

The technology used was very outdated.

Error Prone

The technology was outdated which leads the system to be error prone.

Complex Structure:

The structure was very complex which includes four system which was really hard to manage.

Not scalable:

It was tough to manage the new work load and system couldn’t adapt it.

Need of Cloud Base System:

There was need a cloud base system because client these days are expecting that the data should be saved in cloud so that they can access it easily.


After analyzing all the issues client wanted to rebuild the system with updated technology and much better UI. We suggested the system named CaseTrack Live.

“CaseTrack Live” is a cloud server based application, with multi-platform clients. It will be designed to improve the legal practice management as well as tracking and billing legal cases. The application will be used by attorneys, legal staff and clients. The client has mobile app also for real time tracking of their case.

CaseTrack Cloud is a “Multi-Platform” client application with a fixed platform server. Client application accessible via: Web, Downloadable mobile/desktop applications. Web Compatibility with current desktop and mobile versions of: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox as well as Android, Iphone, Ipad (ios 7+), Windows 7 sp1+, and Mac X+.

Journey of CaseTrack live

As soon as we got the project we started working hard on it to give best results to client. If we talk about the journey of CaseTrack Live below image will give the view of it.


  • Visited client office in Younkers for requirment gathering.
  • Documentation and proposal approval.


  • Rebuilding started in SQL.


  • Beta version completed.
  • Enhancement discussed.


  • Updated and enhancement completed.
  • Reporting and web portals redeveloped.


  • System launched.
  • Currently in month maintenance mode.
  • Redevelopment of mobile apps for user done.

Module and Features

Below image is just to give a brief of the Modules and features this system have. These are the main features excluding the normal many other which were similar to other module. By this we can make an idea that how complex and big this project is.


UI - Old Vs New

It is to give a brief idea about the UI of the previous system and the UI we have created. If we talk about any software, UI is the first aspect we focus because a good UI leads to the success of software. Here are some images of previous system and current system


Launch and Current Status

CaseTrack Live is successfully launched and client is using it. The system is in Monthly Maintenance Mode with us and we are taking care bugs fixing, system maintenance and any addition of features. CaseTrack Live is located on two domains:

For Admin:
For Client:

Client testimonial

I am writing this recommendation with great pleasure for Shri and his company Brain Technosys Pvt. Ltd. It's been 5 years, I am working with BTPL and not a single time I was disappointed. Shri handled every escalation smartly and kept us plased. They are a very good and talented team work with great work ethics. They have not only designed and developed our 'Case management System' but also played active role in requirments analysis, project design and architecture and final implementation. Extremely happy to have our 15 years old system rebuilt in latest cloud based technology that is live now at Thanks again!

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Quick Cash

Instant loans without any banking formalities

Nagas Philippines Lending Capital Inc., is a domestic corporation incorporated with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission engaged in lending and financing. They provide loans to local people in Philippine where the credit score doesn’t matter. So, to reach out to more people in Philippine they thought of making a mobile app which user can install and can apply for loans.

Technical Stack


  • Bootstrap 3.0
  • Jquery 10+


  • JAVA
  • Json Parsing
  • Retrofit
  • MVP


We all know getting loans are not easy as there are so many factors included in the whole process like credit score, verifications and income details, etc. and apart from this banking formalities and processing delays are others few. So, the goal of making Quick Cash was to provide instant loans to people who are in urgent need of it avoiding all these factors and providing the help within the minimum processing time.

Quick Cash - A success story with 1M+ installs

Quick Cash, started with the goal of reaching to maximum people and below image is the proof of its success which is showing the results of this app.

  • quick-cash-img
    App Download
  • quick-cash-img
    Happy Users
  • quick-cash-img
    Return Customer
  • quick-cash-img
    Best Awards

Modules and Features

  • Registration & Login
  • Upload Documents
  • Profile Details
  • Notification
  • Loans & Re-Payment
  • Add Band Account