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    Reasons to Consider React Native for Your Next Mobile Application Development

    November 13, 2018 — By Brain Technosys

    Whenever you mention about mobile application development, you must know that there are two major ecosystems that come into the picture in the development process. In order to develop Applications, like Android app and iOS, expert developers should have knowledge of Cocoa Touch, Android SDK, Java, Objective-C or Swift. Besides, the developer needs to know other testing tools and libraries that cover these two ecosystems. In both these platforms, developers are able to manage two codebases. This will help them to deliver experience applications of world-class quality, which are developed on two code base platforms. Besides, it is possible for them to add up new features to the product in an effective way. This process is executed in a well-defined timeline, thereby, optimizing of the product line is done. Here, the use of the latest SDK releases of both the ecosystems is effectively done. However, all the process of mobile app development takes time. Here comes the understanding of React Native and how it is expected to decrease the complexity while using two types of codebases. React Native, provides methods that can be used to develop mobile applications in an effective and fast manner. There are several reasons to consider React Native for your next mobile application. They include:

    1. You can Learn Once But Can Write Anywhere

    Reasons for using React Native is that it will enable the developer to build world-class application through which you will have the experience of Android as well as iOS platforms. Here, developers make use of JavaScript engine under the hood of React Native. The developers need to learn the only javascript that offers a single consistent environment, only during the process of development.

    2. The Performance, Feel and Look of React Native

    By using React Native, it is possible for you to build a real mobile app that can be differentiated from an application built using Java or Objective-C. Here, React Native makes use of Android UI Components and exact iOS. During the process of development, all that you need to do is to combine those UI Components by using React as well as JavaScript. However, one of the major unique differences that you find is that React Native runs the JavaScript on the background thread, separated from the main thread. Hence, the user interface does not get blocked. You can get graceful animations. In this way, reasons to consider React Native for your next mobile app is that React Native works gracefully and is responsive at all times.

    3. Development Process Is Faster

    React Native provides you hot reloading, which means, every time it is not essential for you to wait for Xcode or Android Studio to finish its recompiling. As a developer, you can use it to reload your application immediately. Besides, it is possible for you to see changes in a lively way when you code. In fact, React Native just puts its javascript code in a single bundle. This bundle is either served from the server or bundled in the application that you develop. This shows that as a developer, it is possible for you to utilize browser tools of Chrome or Safari for the purpose of debugging. However, for UI designing, React Native makes use of concepts like Flexbox CSS styling and inline styling. These features of React Native will enable the mobile application development process to go faster.

    Other reasons to consider React Native for your next mobile application is that you will be able to perform fast updating of the app, writing native module, reason ability of sharing applications, and listing the best resources, meant for the developers.