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    Appium - The Best Open Source Tool for Mobile App Automation

    October 30, 2018 — By Brain Technosys

    Every day now and then you can find an app released for the users. In this context, it is essential for you to know about Appium. Here, Appium refers to an HTTP server and is considered as the best open source tool for mobile application. Through this server, it is possible for you to manage effectively, WebDriver sessions. Besides, it is an open source project enabling you to perform cross-platform test automation. This server is developed and supported by Sauce Labs. As a web community developer, you can easily use this for developing mobile apps successfully.

    Developers say that Appium offers the capability of supporting any tests on any type of framework. This is true for any language as well. Here, the testing method used is simple, and there is no need for you to modify the codes used for testing. One of the best features of Appium is that it supports all kinds of applications. In addition to this, it is possible for you to run the tests on devices working on both the Android or iOS operating systems.

    The Best Tool For Mobile App Automation

    As a part of the introduction to Appium, as already said, it is cross-platform. It allows you to write against multiple platforms. This is due to the fact that it allows reusing the code between iOS, Android and Windows test suites. Since Appium is an open source tool, it is the perfect choice for automating native, mobile web and hybrid applications on their respective platforms.

    This is the philosophy of Appium. All the mobile application requirements are based on the philosophy of the following four tenets of Appium. They are:

    1.There is no need for you to recompile your app or modify it in any manner to automate it.

    2. There is no need for you to lock into a specific language or framework to write and run your tests.

    3. Your mobile automation framework must not reinvent the wheel when it comes to automation of APIs.

    4. Your mobile automation framework must be an open source to be considered in spirit as well as in name. Through Selenium WebDriver, it is possible for you to write tests using Appium.

    Why Choose Appium?

    The advantages of choosing Appium is that you do not have to modify codes or do a recompilation of your app because of the presence of a standard API. Through Appium, it is possible to write tests easily for platforms like Android and iOS. Programmers like you can use WebDriver compatible language to write tests for the app that you are developing. Examples include Perl with Selenium WebDriver API, Objective-C, Java, PHP, C#, Python, Clojure, Ruby, JavaScript with Node.js, and specific client libraries of a language.

    How Appium do all these Operations

    Appium is highly regarded in the world of mobile testing. It enables your mobile app regression testing to be easy. This is considered a great boon to developing large applications wherein you look for continuous features involving new functionalities and updates. Appium uses any testing framework, including multiple platforms and languages.  Other major advantages of Appium with an automation framework, include getting the better quality of the product, faster release cycles, more enhanced features, and the closest to achieving live testing scenarios.

    Since Appium opens the door for cross-platform mobile testing, as a programmer, you can conduct the tests in multiple platforms. In short, the entire work of testing the release flow process is made easy. Appium makes the release cycle short and facilities involving bug-free versions of your app. All these actions are possible with a very low time to market the app, successfully.