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    How UI/UX Proves to be Important for your Product

    October 22, 2018 — By Brain Technosys

    Andrew Grove says that how well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things, but how well we are understood by others. Similarly, if you are operating a business, the questions that arise in your mind, including what makes our company work differently from others. This is followed by other questions like how can we stand out from a crowd. Generally speaking, you can find that these are all interesting and tricky questions, to which all business organizations and enterprises are coming out with quick solutions.

    Here one of the key factors for which a solution for all the above is the UI/Uof the product or the website of the company. In fact, you might have to listen to people who put their heads together about the UI/UX of the mobile app or a mobile site. Many times these words are used interchangeably. However, from the perspective of a designer, it is wrong to consider that UI and UX are the same. Now, what is the actual difference between UI and UX?

    According to designers like Nick Babich, the best products offer two things in a well-defined way. They are their details and features. In fact, people are drawn towards features of any product. Besides, they will be attracted to the details that keep them interesting.

    UX designers are considered as the producers of micro-interactions, while designers of UI are the architects of micro-interactions who attend to details.

    UX means User Experience. Here, the feeling is grabbed through a user. This term covers the end user’s interaction with the services and products of a company. But, the term UI stands for User Interface. It refers to the combination of the elements and approaches that are used for the creation of the desired UX.

    The success of any website or an app is dependent on how the design, functionalities, and entities are reflected the end user. It is a fact that, the design needs to provide the right combination of excellent user experience by incorporating eye-catching elements.

    Difference between UI/UX

    You can consider a park as a simple example. Here, items like merry-go-round, playground, bridges, and benches, form as part of UI contribution. You will find user experiences are covered as relaxation and happiness. In other words, the feelings will make up the user experience.
    In its simple words, the term UI refers to the users who are able to communicate their feelings through experiences, while the term UX is just the feeling that the user gets.

    Features of UI/UX

    An excellent user experience means that your digital product is easy to use. Whenever your customers use your product, it is essential for you to provide an excellent user experience. Besides, the customers continue to use it further and also recommend others to use the product. The features of UI are vital for social media as well as social networking sites.
    The main characteristics include Simplicity of the product, its Clarity, and feedbacks including response time. Other important characteristics cover, user assistance and help, and forgiving.

    Importance Of UI/UX for Your Product

    According to researches, the selection or rejection of a website is ninety-four percent design oriented. From this, it is apparent that UI/UX is considered a vital factor while determining the success or failure of a website. Nowadays online business transactions are gaining popularity and hence, it is significant to offer a good UI/UX interface for the website. In this regard, different options are made available to users who can look into those sites that have good appearance and are easy to use.

    Finally, it can be seen that currently UI/UX plays a key role in the user acquisition and retention of a product. Hence, today, it may be seen that any digital or analog product is expected to gain its popularity. This is possible not only by the way it works but also through the look and feel. You may see that whether the experience of the product is good or bad, the product is expected to have a direct impact on the sales. That is how you can see the importance of UI/UX.