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    How Cloud Engineering Can Drastically Cut Your App Development Costs

    October 15, 2018 — By Brain Technosys

    The process of cloud engineering enables you to deliver and utilize the computing services effectively, over the internet. In the background of IT related services, this process is done wherein you will find the desired resources for this purpose within the internet. Besides, you can also find that a host of web-based applications and tools are stored in the cloud.

    In the world of business, you can see that the cloud has shown its presence, greatly. Since then, you can find that there is a change in everything. Further, it has been found that businesses have started to identify the importance of saving their applications, files, and data in the cloud. Instead of storing all these vital files in an external hard drive and disks, you can save them securely in the cloud.

    The term on-premises cloud infrastructure is usually used to be associated with cloud computing. But, this statement seems to be contradictory when you think about it. However, it simply means that the company’s hardware would be stored on-site at the location of your client’s business. In the case of cloud services, you can find that the vendors usually locate the hardware at their own data centers.

    Accessing applications, data, and files in the on-premise cloud solutions are what makes it differ from the generic cloud solutions. This is normally hosted by a third party vendor. Here, the meaning of on-premises is exactly that. Hence, the files are accessed through the user’s computing devices in their own premises. Accordingly, you can fix the traditional expenditure while using this solution. All that you need is an internet connection to access your files stored in the cloud. Using the go option, you can choose to pay for only those services that you plan to use.

    Here, most of the time you plan to use a shared infrastructure, which is true. However, you will find that there are many vendors who can give highly dependable services at all times in an explicit manner. Some of them include Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. They are known as third-party providers who can assist organizations to focus on their core business offerings. They do not worry about the time-consuming process of crunch data, maintaining it, and the infrastructure connected to it.

    Maintaining On-Premise Infrastructure Is Very High

    You may see that while maintaining an on-premise environment does not provide any benefits for your consideration. But, you may find that there are still some factors that can inspire to turn towards cloud computing. The factors include the cost of electricity, a large capital outlay of cash, difficulties in upgrading, disaster recovery, and security.

    In order to know as to how cloud engineering can cut drastically your application development costs, you need to manage on-premise costs in an economical way. The cost should be minimized. In addition, the developers can get their applications up and make it work faster. Considering improved manageability and less maintenance is essential. The IT team can quickly adjust cloud services to match fluctuating demands. You need to allow Multitenancy sharing of resources and costs across a large pool of users. Work productivity should be increased in a remarkable way.

    Others factors that count while ensuring drastic cut in your application development cost using cloud engineering, include security and reliability. Avoiding up-front IT infrastructure costs is vital always. However, it can be seen that many of the cloud providers today do offer a pricing model ‘pay as you go.’ This is found to be a reasonable option.