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    Reasons To Choose CakePHP For Your Next Project

    July 31, 2017 — By Brain Technosys

    Are you interested to build websites including blogs as part of your next project? Then, an ideal answer to your question is to use CakePHP. This is considered as an open source type of framework in PHP, used by many developers as their first choice for several valid reasons. This framework offers the ability to support languages with multiple options. As a part of hire PHP developers India process, the reasons that are attributed to select CakePHP for your Project are listed as MVC structure, ORM, Extends Model Controller Class, an extension of Components, helpers, behaviors, including Plug-Ins, the process of debugging, security, and the facility of built-in validation.

    Developing MVC Framework Structure

    Factors like data handling support of models, and operations like insert, updating, deleting or reading the data from the known database, form the core of MVC structure. Besides, it is possible for you to visualize the rendering of data on the screen. The developers from PHP development company India use CakePHP as a reason for developing MVC framework. Web developer’s PHP web development services will allow you to implement the desired data model for your new project. By doing this, they will be able to connect the model to a known database that can be easily integrated using PHP language.


    Building Relation With Tables Using ORM Technique

    The term, ORM or Object-Relational Mapping, is used by CakePHP to establish the relationship with one table and another table. As a part of hire, PHP developers India process, each and every table stands out in a class. However, definitions with respect to establishing the relationship among tables are properly done. Hence, it is possible to have sub-records from these related tables, without performing any additional as well as specific operations.

    Reasons of Extends Model Controller Class

    The reasons of inheritance in CakePHP are considered to be more understandable and sensitive to folders consisting of controller files and its extension files. Developers working on behalf of PHP development company India will utilize the same process of CakePHP application concept to its model section as well.

    Reasons Involving Extension of Components, Helpers, Behaviors, Including Plug-Ins

    This is one of the most vital reasons of selecting CakePHP for your new project as it permits generating functionality of codes that are reusable every time. Hence, through hire PHP developers India, the developers will be able to extend components involving functionality of codes to its core libraries. Besides, the developer can use CakePHP components to develop its helper and behaviors, a combination of developing models, views and several controllers that form as a part of CakePHP plug-ins.


    Testing of Your New Project

    When once the new project is created using CakePHP, it will be easy for the php web development services technicians to test and debug any application. Errors are easily identifiable and correction can be made at once.

    Security Features of CakePHP

    The features involving security through the use of CakePHP for your new web development project is outstanding. This is one of the best reasons as to why CakePHP is chosen to create, retrieve, delete and update all the features. Hence, the process of your user submission activity takes very little time.


    Choosing CakePHP for your next project offers an excellent reason as it has the facility of built-in validation that makes the development process faster and easier.