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    Mobile App Development Trends to Focus in 2018

    January 2, 2018 — By Brain Technosys

    Are you a mobile application developer? If so, you must have an updated knowledge of the latest trends on mobile developments to focus in 2018. As a part of mobile app development India process, you can observe that smart retail business, smart health, smart cities and smart homes are growing. Besides, you can see growth in sectors like, automotive industry and internet of things, as well. Through mobile app developers, apps related to Apple watch is already surging to new heights, and will certainly continue to grow in 2018. However, the process of mainstream application development will continue to grow in sectors like, education, smart homes and offices, including the concept of internet of things. Internet of things is expected to grow in its full swing as it is controlled by smart phones. In fact, internet of things is considered as an upcoming trend meant for mobile app development company India process, to go on a full swing in the year 2018.

    Mobile Pages Acceleration

    Another upcoming trend that you need to focus during the year 2018 is accelerated mobile pages. This project has been launched by Google, as a part of mobile app development India. Here, the aim of accelerated mobile pages is that the loading of pages on your mobile devices is boosted. As mobile app developers, you can see that there is quick loading of web pages on your mobile. You can also see through this function, it is possible to have an independently managed search index working on the mobile web. From the point of view of search engine optimization, you can observe that this action will transform all the approaches related to a successful mobile app development.

    Advantages of Accelerated Mobile Pages

    There are numerous advantages with regard to accelerated mobile pages. You might see that your mobile app that you have developed, can load more quickly. This can happen on all the mobile devices. As a result, publishers can increase their visibility of ads. The number of visitors on your mobile app can increase, tremendously. Specific advantages that you need to observe about accelerated mobile pages include mobile search carousel and index, no need for sitemap, placement of easy content, low migration efforts, and analysis of visitors done, easily. Besides, other advantages include ranking of pages in Google, increased visitors, higher CTR and visibility of traffic increased.

    Payments Through Mobile

    Through mobile app developers, you can see that customers are engaged actively through online shopping. This is possible through mobile applications downloaded to your mobile. As a part of mobile app development company India process, customers use internet banking, credit cards or debit cards to execute payments. However, by launching Apple Pay and Google Wallet, you can see that customers are shifting gradually to m-commerce. It is also known as mobile commerce. This concept of m-commerce is expected to show its further growth trend in 2018, without any interruption. Another important app trend that you need to focus in the year 2018 is augmented reality and virtual reality applications. These are considered as apps to go further in the entertainment as well as gaming industry.

    Through mobile app development India process, you can see that these are some of the upcoming mobile application development trends that you need to focus in the year 2018. However, other upcoming trends planned for 2018 include, on-demand apps, enterprise apps, cloud based apps, instant android apps, security of applications, machine learning, artificial intelligence and chat bots.