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    Importance of hash tag on Twitter

    September 23, 2013 — By Brain Technosys

    Social media can be a mind game at times, these days twitter and facebook or any other social media platform has an omnipresent hash tag. To be clearer it is this sign, ‘#’ which will steal your night’s sleep. Why is it even there? Why can’t we just get along with normal life without these neat little alien like signs; it confuses us and makes us giddy. Let us try and analyse the importance of a hash tag on a social media platform like Twitter.

    Just how we have the ever evolving love story between keywords and SEO, hash tags are linked to Twitter in the same manner. Hash tags allow your tweets to reach a wider audience. A hash tag is basically a word or a phrase that includes a hash as a prefix, which is ‘#’ sign. They are used on all social Medias and are immensely popular these days.

    Understand the importance and the relevance of a hash tag on Twitter.

    Hash tags are mostly used as unmoderated ad-hoc discussion forums. As mentioned earlier, any combination of characters that is led by a hash symbol is known as a hashtag. You can attract more users or individuals to a certain discussion using the hash tag, it is necessary basically to get your statement reach a wide audience. The good news is that if and when your hash tags become popular on twitter, it will begin to appear in Trending Topics area of the user’s homepage, therefore pushing the readers to take a look at the latest tweets that are gaining popularity.

    Hash tags are never registered nor controlled by any one user or group of users, and neither can they be “retired” from public usage. This basically means that hash tags can be used in theoretical perpetuity depending upon the longevity of the word or set of characters in a written language.

    Your hash tags also do not contain any set definition, which means that a single hash tag can be used for any number of purposes as espoused by those who make use of them.

    Hash tag is just a form of showing your self- importance, to force it in the crudest and meanest of forms. Hash tag is not devoid of a bit of fun after all, because they are also used to exemplify a sarcastic situation or a sort of an irony. The trick is to master the understanding of this symbol as per its importance and usability. You cannot have a hash tag behind every word, and therefore is you must be using them only at specific places. Too many hash tags can get annoying for the reader and the message may not be understood as hash tags pose as a hindrance.

    Your hash tags are good as long as they are short and crispy, and do not choose a hash tag that has already been taken. It could be a bit of a mind game, but just do some research online and create a unique hash tag. Always close the space if there are more than one word, e.g., if it’s is Kill Me, then make it #killme I am sleepy.