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    Pinterest: New way of Digital Marketing

    September 24, 2013 — By Brain Technosys

    A picture is often worth a thousand words, and with this mantra pinned on their hearts social media conversationalists are shifting from words to pictures. At the middle of this paradigm shift, we have Pinterest. At a time when every phone has a camera and every bored student has a DSLR, people want a visual image of things and ideas. You want to see what products look like, you want to see what an idea looks like, you want to see what sunset and April lilacs look like, you don’t have to talk about them anymore, you can just show.

    Pinterest is the latest in the art of digital marketing.

    The Idea of Pinterest

    You are asked to ‘pin it’, you very well do. Now, Pinterest is a platform for users to create their own definitive collection of visual images. Memories, things they saw on the road, old times, present times, nature, products, whatever it may be. Users who take a liking to your pins can repin them and thus spread it across a vast network. You can only imagine what effect it may have on your business when you are marketing it visually.

    In a world that is growing increasingly faster by the day people hardly have the time to write down words anymore, and therefore the easiest and the most ideal way is to pin images so that everyone gets a look at what you are talking about, there is nothing left for users to think and they can directly relate to what they are seeing.

    The Start up

    Create a board on Pinterest for your product or service and let it talk to people, the essential thing here to do is to pin images that are visually appealing.

    The crux here is to be niche, being objective is what is important for you to shine on pinterest. Here are some tips for you.

    • Research- You cannot just pin anything you like or something that you think people would like. You will have to do some research and analysis before hitting on the right pin. You will have to pin great images on your board for people to get attracted to, attractiveness is the key.


    • Review – Try to figure if your pins are being re-pinned and if so then how many times. Examine whether users are getting pulled by your pins and work accordingly. If not then you will have to figure new approached and ways to go about it.

    • Be Unique – Your pinterest board must be unique and it should stand out from the rest, all this while keeping your flavour intact. Your brand has as certain flavour to it and you must adhere to this flavour. People in pinterest are however not looking for a replication of your website or catalogue. There is a wide difference between your website and your pinterest board.

    Pinterest is an interesting new formula for those trying to find some footage for their business or brand through social networking. It is one of the fast growing websites and is the quickest to have reached the 10 million mark.