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    How To Succeed As A Blogger

    September 16, 2013 — By Brain Technosys

    Professional blogging requires certain skills and qualities before one succeeds. It’s never easy, one must write with integrity, sample the products he/she is reviewing and give honest feedback about the products. Adequate planning is mandatory to avoid struggling in writing your reviews, it also gives one the best chance to adhere by the FTC guidelines. That said there are many reasons why one might want to start blogging. To many, blogging is a hobby with long-term earning potential and the possibility of growing into a lucrative income generator. Here are some tips to help you succeed in blogging:

    Learn, learn and learn

    Never stop learning, always be ready to accept new ideas and learning new techniques. Be curious and inquisitive about new technologies, and make a habit of experimenting with what you either aren’t sure about or simply don’t know.

    Make the best use of the resources readily available

    You don’t need to go for very expensive gadgetry if there are free online applications that can serve the same purpose. Be on the lookout for sites that offer free advice and other services to bloggers, because blogging can be very expensive if one is ignorant of what’s going on. Sites like problogger and copyblogger are of great use, as are management systems like wordpress and drupal which are powerful databases for bloggers.

    Be friendly and create circles of friends

    The social aspect of blogging is very important as it creates circles of friends who come in handy, by giving you new insights, ideas, and the motivation to keep going and never be put down by whatever comments others make about you and your blog.

    Use social media to market your blog

    Social media sites like facebook and twitter are very important if a blogger want to gain more traction. He/she can share links and images on social media through auto-sharing which is very easy using or Twitterfeed.

    Choose good titles and keywords

    The subject of the post needs to be in the title. Mention the product you’re reviewing in the first paragraph. Always alt tag images along with explanations to them, and always name them which will assist you to know when someone steals and uses them.

    Pay keen attention to your readers

    Always listen to your readers, this will help know what they want and what they don’t. It curates your blogging. Keep an eye on the comments and feedbacks your readers make on your posts on social sites like Google+, Pinterest, facebook and twitter.

    Respect your sources

    Always give credit to the originators of the information and ideas that you borrow for your blog. Never assume that it’s just a tiny little bit and no one will ever notice it. Always remember swiping images and texts created by others is stealing and could land you in trouble if the originators sue you for plagiarism. If you can’t resist picking a thing or two from another blogger to succeed be courteous enough to credit him/her as your most important influencer.