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    Benefits for Website Developers by Using HTML5 for Website Development

    April 18, 2014 — By Brain Technosys

    HTML5 is gaining popularity across the world and obviously it should since it provides a lot of benefits for developers that native apps cannot, right from development process to the user acquisition stage. The following are a few demystifying reasons that would strengthen developer beliefs in HTML5.

    Manage your code with Semantics

    Semantics is actually a set of new tags that are added to make the html codes you use more meaningful. Web development has always used a lot of tags like tag dev for development. HTML5 has new tags like header, nav, footer which make the whole code more meaningful. Describing tags using these semantics it is easier to write quite clear and descriptive code that helps in separating style and content from each other. HTML5 thus helps in keeping the code clean, readable and easy to understand.

    Mutuality for interactive website

    HTML5 opens a new page for integration of interactive content which before was done with the help of Flash, Silverlight, Flex or Javascript like tools. Primarily these tools were used to include audio, video and animation along with Social Network sites plugins. Now with HTML5 is it possible to integrate all such plugins and site like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and third party programs easily as functionality to do so is built right into the browser.

    User specific Offline Application cache

    HTML5 provides the developers with an ability to specify whether a particular browser should cache the website. This means that it has the ability to provide a certain page even offline to the user with this cache facility. It also significantly saves load on the server and loads the site much faster.

    Better SEO

    HTML5 provides the developers with advanced SEO capabilities to help climb Google ranking and make the site reach on the number 1 spot for search engine results. Google and other search engines keep on updating continually and the ranking of the websites, too, undergo changes. HTML5 can adapt to such changes to keep the website ranking high all the time. More experimentation can be done using the advanced techniques such as adding aspects of social graph and deep integration of social media.

    3D Graphics & Effects Integration

    Developers have always relied upon Flash or CSS and Javascript to produce animations and visual effects for their website to attract visitors. HTML5 now has some new tags like canvas that will change the whole game and allow to create some impressive visual effects and works similar to the ways a flash file is integrated.

    Mobile and Geo-Location Ready

    Mobile devices are used on a much wider scale across the globe. The adoption and rise in the number of mobile devices means there are more people who access browsers using their mobiles to view your website and applications. Since Adobe has announced the death of mobile Flash, HTML5 is the most effective mobile ready tool that is available for developing mobile sites and apps. Creating Mobile Ready projects for smaller touch screen has become an easy task with mobile browsers that has adopted HTML5.  The addition of HTML5 geolocation APIs makes it possible to add location generated via GPS.

    HTML5 comes with loads of new standards and features that make it easier to build wikis, real-time chat, search front-ends, drag-and-drop tools, discussion boards and such other useful web elements and utilize them on any site. HTML5 offers the best tools for developers and also to the enterprises. Whether it’s about a web application working offline, drawing on a canvas, playing video, better looking forms and much more, HTML5 provides it and is already well-supposed on all leading web and mobile browsers.

    Author Bio: I’m Ramya, a freelance web designer/writer based in India.  I have an experience of about 8 years in content writing and have worked for top blogs and websites. I’m generally an extrovert; I like photography, anthropology and traveling to different countries to learn the culture and living of the local inhabitants to do travelogues. For more information: