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    CSS: An Amazing Tool for Website Designing

    April 15, 2014 — By Brain Technosys

    There are several tools to design websites. Website designing have become one of the hottest process in the present world. World is zero without websites. This is true and most of the present people depend on different websites to meet different needs. Among the available tools, CSS have walked straight to the top of list as one of the most amazing tools for website designing. Both web designers and website owners can save noticeable amount of money and time in designing websites. This tool provides several benefits for web designer when compared to other traditional ways and tools for web design. But web design process should be carried out properly to avoid clumsy and messy experience in terms of code.

    But several novice and experienced designers make silly mistakes because of insufficient knowledge about CSS fundamental and appropriate methods. Here are some of tips or best practices that have to be followed by the web designers to use CSS in effective way.

    • Give more attention and care on naming conventions. Appropriate and clean naming conventions helps a lot in customization of modification of CSS file in future. It is better to use universal and general name that making it element specific.
    • Try to avoid underscores and prefer hyphens as CSS suffers browser compatibility. It helps the website designer to save a lot of time otherwise to spend in searching for the causes resulted in poor browser compatibility and to make required changes.
    • Save time with element grouping. Never forget to group elements whenever you get time and it is possible. This helps a lot in saving considerable coding time and for speed compiling of the code.
    • Optimized code is more beneficial and hence tries to code optimization using shortcuts and grouping of elements. Never forget that less code size increase the speed of loading time. Cut down the unwanted and unnecessary codes and files to increase the speed.
    • Make use of the help of validator. Find the errors and bugs in the CSS web design using validator. This is the best way to find and fix the errors.
    • Always try to keep CSS design clean and managed. Several novice designers frequently fall in to id’s and classes and make use of them randomly in the sheet. It is better to avoid the random use of classes and id’s and to make then well structured and organized.
    • Be systematic and simple. Develop systematic and clean code using javascript, any comments or server side codes.

    Most of the present search engines including Google give importance to website with fast loading speed. Hence, it is certainly a good idea keep everything clean and clear and in short files to increase the speed of the websites. It is so easy for the designers to design website with CSS. This tool is not so complex or confusing. With average knowledge on CSS novice designers can enter to the amazing world of web design to try their hands on designing.

    These are some of the important facts about CSS that help the designers to organize CSS styles in better way and to make website design effective, systematic and well managed. CSS websites is loved by search engines and visitors for its simplicity and power of speed. Now it is the time to design the website.

    Author bio: Albert is a professional web designer who resides in New York. He writes his own blog and has recently reviewed about web design New York. You may join with him at Google Plus where he shares his interests regularly.