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    10th Foundation Day Celebration: Two Days Trip to Jim Corbett National Park

    April 23, 2014 — By Brain Technosys

    19th April 2014 marked the 10th Foundation Day of Brain Technosys Pvt. Ltd. The Celebration of this historic day for the company was in form of two days long event (two day trip) to Jim Corbett National Park. This is how the celebrations went:

    18 April 2014

    All the employees gathered at the office premises to leave for Jim Corbett National Park. With excitement employees and the Directors left for Venue in the night. Ready to explore!

    Day 1 – 19th April 2014 – The 10th Foundation Day

    The BT Family reaching early morning at Corbett River Creek Resort. After the morning chores and breakfast, all were ready for the event.

    The 10th Foundation Day and Annual Employee Award Distributing Ceremony

    First of all, a hearty, hospitable and warm welcome was given by our Directors and the Organizing Committee, to the honorary chief guest, our prestigious client – Mr. Donald, Mckinnon, Founder of

    The event started with Saraswati Vandana and Lamp Lighting Ceremony done by our Founders and Directors – Mr. Harshit Agarwal and Mr. Shri Pal Singh along with our Chief Guest – Mr. Donald, Mckinnon.

    Followed by thought provoking and inspirational speeches by both Directors, welcoming the Chief, Guest, addressing the employees and acknowledging them for their contribution towards the company, sharing their inspiration and vision. They also threw light on various achievements and highlights of the 10 year journey of Brain Technosys Pvt. Ltd,

    Then, starting with our Chief Guest, every member of BT family was presented with customized mementos, showing employee centric approach of the company who always had the motto as – “Work Together, Grow Together”

    Further, the “Best Entertainer Competition” was held, which saw some wonderful and sparkling performances of singing, comedy, acting, poems recitation, etc. leaving all the audiences fully entertained.

    After that, The Awards Distribution Ceremony took place, in which the employees were appreciated for the dedication, commitment and smart work. The Award Categories were – Award of Dedication, Award of Appreciation and Award of Smart Work Capabilities. Along with these awards there were Special Awards given to some of the employees. These awards were the “Long Term Service Award” and The Outstanding Dedication Award. This was another example of company and directors’ employee recognition and appreciation approach.

    In between the awards and employee recognition ceremony, BT Quiz Competition was carried out. This competition was about testing how well the employees know about the company its premises, directors, employees, their peers and each and every thing that is part of Brain Technosys. The participants had a tough time dealing with some tricky questions.
    After the awards, another competition which took place was ‘Miss and Mr. BT’. The competition having two rounds – Introduction & Ramp Walk and QnAs, got some really good participation who demonstrated a good combination of stage presence and intellect. The Directors did the honours of presenting the prizes to the winners along with announcing the winners to another interesting competition – Greeting Card Competition, which started couple of weeks ago. This competition required all the employees to prepare personalized (handmade) greeting cards dedicated to completion of 10 years of Brain Technosys. “The response was really overwhelming. Every card hold a place close to my heart, it’s really difficult for us to choose a winner, as everyone has shared what they feel for us in a beautiful manner and they all are winners for us” as stated by Mr. Shri Pal Singh, Director, Brain Technosys Pvt. Ltd. Taking a tough call, they managed to announce the winner.

    The penultimate part, where our honorary chief guest was asked to say few words on the experience he had with the company and of the event. It was not surprising to know, that he was full of praises and appreciation for the directors, employees and company as a whole. His words spoke truly about how much he enjoyed and liked the event and as stated by him in his speech – “I really loved the hospitality and had great fun. It was an experience of a lifetime and will remember it for years.”

    The event concluded with ending speech by our Directors. In the speech, they thanked the employees, and shared some valuable thoughts including the one which revealed the reason behind the Star in the new BT logo which was released on the occasion of 10th Anniversary. Mentioning the employees as the real assets the speech had some inspiring lines such as “YOU ARE THE STAR. I hope you would keep shining like a STAR throughout the year in your on-the job performance, behavior, attitude, respect to all seniors and love to all of your juniors”.

    The directors also appreciated the effort put in by the organizing committee and thanked them by giving each member a ‘memento of appreciation’. Along with extending their gratitude towards the chief guest and they ended with a thanking note in form of some lovely lines, for the employees who were and are currently associated with BTPL.

    After the event, the employees enjoyed the leisure time, with some sports activities like cricket, chess, carom, table tennis, pool, etc. Also, some had fun under sun by relaxing in swimming pool and playing some water sports, at the resort. The evening followed with small dance party in the night, where the whole BT family tapped their feet together to some lovely tunes and lit up the atmosphere, beneath the dark sky.

    Day 2 – 20th April 2014

    After having a wonderful foundation day celebration and party, the next day was up for some adventure – ‘The Corbett Jungle Safari’. Whole of BT family was up early morning and was geared up to enter the woods. The 12km safari lasted for some 2 hours and every one was able to witness the nature and also managed to see some wild animals. Coming back to the resort, employees were set to head back and all of them by then had their minds full of some lovely unforgettable moments and memories, which will remain as they are for a long-long time.

    All in all, the two days trip, was an experience given by Brain Technosys to their employees as one of the most memorable ones and speaks a lot of its ‘The Employee First’ Approach. Adding another milestone of fun and achievement in the history of the company.