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    Latest Web Fonts Flourishing All Over The Internet Platform

    May 8, 2014 — By Brain Technosys

    The main aim of the professionals, dealing with the zone of web fonts, is to help in making the best possible services, associated with proper attractive level. According to the latest statistical believes, it can be found out that there was an impressive hike of 160%, related with the sites, which are planning to adopt some of the best custom made web fonts. Moreover, there are some reliable selections of faces, which have also spoiled the nature of web designers. However, if you browse through the word document, you might come across various new designer web fonts, which are gaining worldwide popularity nowadays.

    Dealing with Petala Pro

    Among so many new options, which are flourishing all over the marketplace, you might try and take help of petala pro, defined as a flexible typeface. There are 18 styles and weights, associated with a single web font, which is capable of handling some of the typographic challenges, with ease. The italic section is the most reliable option of the lot, which can be availed with favorable web ink traps. On the other hand, when you are planning for new sans serif service, then this can be your one stop solution for all. There are some professionals who can help you understand the basic of perfect web font, for making the website attractive.

    Bree serif is another option

    Defined as the multi award winning segment, Bree is gaining popularity on a vital age. Moreover, this segment is also going to offer some of the playful flavor, along with the letterforms, which will influence the handwriting. This is going to render on a nice platform with a real punchy impact, in the end. There are various services associated with a perfect counterpart, related with the zone of Bree. On the other hand, if you want to deal with hand painted letterforms, you can also take help of clear sans screen. Moreover, it can also help in improving the performance and rendering services on the screen with the help of the larger segment of X height and also simplified forum of weights. It will help in making the forum legible.

    Felice is the new in thing

    In case you are looking for a humanist feel in the elegant serif segment, then make it a point to take help of Felice. There are some equal widths strokes, which will need to focus at, which will help in rendering the field beautifully. The touches are associated with the zone of heading sizes and the text sizes are going to become a part of the segment related with the typeface, without causing any sort of distractions. The characters are slightly condensed in nature, which can be a great option for small screens.

    Another zone to focus at

    For a field of multipurpose font family segment, try and take help of Clavo, which can be defined as a pack, full of subtle embellishment along with a touch of personality. Each of the points is going to weight 10 weights and the main notion will be on the flicks of the letter. The designs are portrayed in such a manner, so that the size can fit in any caption along with a vital choice associated with complex typography segment. This can be defined as the best example of web font, which is used by majority number of web professionals, as designers as well as developers.

    Karol is a favorable option

    Karol is an all time favorite for the designers, who are looking for a unique touch. It was released with a family of 8 styles and also won various awards in the typography section. This web font comprises of counter spacing along with low contrasting segment, which can be an ideal option for blog composition.

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