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    10 Reasons Why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework in 2018

    May 9, 2018 — By Brain Technosys

    It is essential for you to know before getting into the details of Laravel, as to what is meant by PHP. It is a web development language known for its wide range of popularity among hire PHP developers India. But, you must know that the most popular framework of PHP is known as Laravel. According to professionals offering PHP web development services, the Laravel framework will be the best open source type of PHP framework that is available today. Laravel framework offers you great features through hire PHP developers India. There are ten reasons as to why Laravel is considered as the best framework in the year 2018. They include –

    1. Documentation can be Made Consistent
      One of the great features of Laravel is that all its releases have been found to be user friendly for developers. Whenever new versions are introduced, the documentation has been found to be easy. However, from the viewpoint of a developer, the new releases look familiar and identical. In that way, the versions are correlated.
    2. Migrations of Database
      Here Migration means the scheme showing the database representation of codebase. Whenever a new Laravel developer, as a part of PHP web development services is inducted into the team, it is the responsibility of the entire team to accomplish a certain consistent level of database needs.
    3. Seeding of Database
      This process of seeding of database helps the developers of Laravel to create a test data that is found to be dummy. Developers of database utilize this feature for testing the web services or API. A library, known as Faker, is used to seed the database along with the dummy test data.
    4. Articulation of Syntax
      For the development of PHP based Laravel framework, a software known as Object Relational Mapping is used. It is found to be the best among all the ORMs available in the market. The developers of Laravel have found clean syntax, which is easy to understand.
    5. Blade
      The term, ‘Blade’ is used for developing Laravel based rich template engine. Here, the developers use HTML. It is very easy to use though they will be able to pick the correct syntax that they are looking for.
    6. Elixir
      This Laravel based Elixir helps in defining the basic Gulp tasks. It also provides a confident and clean API for the developer’s application process of hire PHP developers India concept. Through this, it is possible to support common type of preprocessors, such as Javascript and CSS.
    7. Laracasts
      For those developers who are interested in learning about Laravel, a tutorial known as Laracasts, has been developed. Besides, the Laracasts tutorial includes the updates, the developer should know. It will be about the new codes used or syntax used in Laravel.
    8. Authentication of Laravel
      An improvised system of authentication has been implemented at the time of installation of Laravel. Hence, developers need not write this new authentication code for every new app that they develop.
    9. Pagination
      In order to construct services related to Web and API, a feature consisting of pagination is introduced to help Laravel developers. This feature automatically paginates the data from the database.
    10. Lumen
      This has been released recently as a part of Laravel developer’s team. It allows the web developers to build the new APIs at an unbelievable speed.

    The above are the ten reasons as to why Laravel is the best PHP framework in 2018.