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    Reasons Why Developers Preferred TypeScript Over JavaScript?

    May 10, 2018 — By Brain Technosys

    In today’s world of web development, you must know that TypeScript (TS) and JavaScript are found to be two different widely and popularly used languages. Web developers hired by beb development company India, reveal that there are certain differences between these two languages. The question is what are these differences and reasons for the preference of TypeScript over JavaScript. These languages are used in different situations, whichever is suited to match your needs. As a part of Web Development Services India, it is essential for you to know the comparison between these two languages. Besides, you must also understand how they are related to one another. However, there are several reasons as to why developers preferred TypeScript Over JavaScript.

    Definition Of TypeScript

    TypeScript is an open source type of superset of the language JavaScript. It can be compiled into a JavaScript in the form known as, ECMAScript. This language offers the developers typed annotations, involving checking of typescripts during script compiling process. Through Web Development Company India, it must be understood that all JavaScript can be considered as syntactically valid TypeScript.

    Reasons for preferring TypeScript –

    Having A Larger Code Base

    The first reason that TypeScript is preferred in place of JavaScript is when you have a larger codebase to process. Here, it is likely that more than one person works on such a project. Hence, as a part of Web Development Services India, web developers prefer a type system to adopt. This concept of TypeScript will assist them to avoid a lot of common errors. It is especially true in the case of developing applications consisting of a single page. At any time of development, one of the developers working on the project will be able to introduce necessary changes to correct errors. Here, preferring TypeScript in place of JavaScript will act as a good safety mechanism, for the developers to work in an error-free environment. By using TypeScript language, developers can identify most of the errors. However, this process will not eliminate the need for final debugging at the end.

    Developers Team Accustomed To Statically Typed Languages

    As a part of Web Development Services India, another reason is that your team of developers is already familiar with statically typed languages like TypeScript. You must understand that if your team of developers come from a strongly typed language like C# or Java, then using TypeScript is considered as a good alternative to JavaScript.

    TypeScript Is Used For A Library Or Framework

    If you are a developer using Angular 2 or any other library, then it is recommended to process it through TypeScript. Besides, this language offers some cool features that are not found in JavaScript. But, the language offers you certain unique qualities. It makes use of keywords like public, private, protected and abstract types. The language has the ability to initialize variable members in a constructor. In some situations, the TypeScript code can perform better than JavaScript.

    In addition to the static type of analysis, TypeScript provides the Web Development Company India developers certain added features, like interfaces, generics, and namespaces. The other features include null checking and access modifiers. The above are some of the reasons why developers prefer to use TypeScript over JavaScript.