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    15 Reasons Why Shopify Is The Best eCommerce for 2018

    May 4, 2018 — By admin

    It is very important for any company to make a full featured e-commerce website because it has become latest trend and requirements as well. It can help to boost your business by boosting the number of customers. It can also help to grab more customers attention if you are about to launch any product or want to promote the previous one. E-commerce website development is not an easy task we need a professional expert to develop a dynamic website where more numbers of users can interact with each other.

    Shopify is the example of one of the best e-commerce website which has millions of customers online. It is one of the larger online stores which have various products and services. The functionality of Shopify is that it has numerous advantages. It is famous for connecting digital strategies in one platform.

    • It is easy to add coupons and discount code on the website.
    • It has a capability of analytic reporting
    • Advanced reporting can also be done using this e-commerce site.
    • It is easy to track and maintain customer’s data.
    • It has thousands of themes and also theme is introducing every hour.
    • Live chat can help to do the positive integration.
    • It works like a regular website, as in CMS.
    • Mailchimp or another email provider can be used with Shopify e-commerce site.
    • This platform can be used to make a customizable platform for employees
    • It helps to optimize your content as SEO friendly environment with tacky keywords.
    • It can be used to create store gift cards
    • It has a flexible platform with perfect help desks facility like ZenDesk
    • Live chat facility helps to enhance and integrate the e-commerce site
    • If you would like to report anything in advance that is completely possible with Shopify.

    With Shopify, one can launch the online store with an attractive appearance and look which can gain more user attractions. It is capable of maintaining more than 500,000 merchants from 170 distant countries. The best part is that Shopify offers 14 days trial for an online store so that you can join the giant team only if you are satisfied with doing that. Although users get complete features at no cost for trial purpose as well as they can access features like payment process, shop design, plugins, inventory selection and many more. If users are satisfied with the trial period they can take a paid membership on the cost of 29$, 79$, 299$, which is based on the features selected by users.

    It is very simple to join Shopify community because as soon as users sign up on site they will get a site address which is a unique address for that store. Even though users can use this address to present on the first page of their e-commerce site but they can change this to some catchy title. So it is an incredible platform for users who want to establish themselves as an online investor and who are looking to expand their business.