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    10 Quick Tips to Speed Up Android App Development

    August 8, 2018 — By Brain Technosys

    With more 350 apps developed and deployed, how to speed up the process of app development? It is a quite famous question among the android app developers India. Apps are coming every next day, and developers are trying to find an easy and straightforward way to speed-up their app development process. That’s why we are telling you 10 Quick Tips to Speed Up Android App Development.

    1. Use Low-Fidelity Wireframes
      The first thing that you can do to speed up your app development time is  to use low-fidelity wireframes to work on and create the layout of the app using the architectural and design aspects. Now unlike the high-fidelity wireframes, we favor using low-fidelity wireframes to do this task. As low-fidelity wireframes help save time as they are basic level designs and plans. They are much more general with only the basic features.
    2. Lean Method, Use MVP
      Another way android app development India speed up their app development process is to launch an MVP which stands for Minimum Viable Product. Launch the app with just the essential features and no ruffles, rather than waiting to develop and run the app. The MVP will help you accumulate user data about what’s working in the way it is designed and what’s not. To get the valuable points about the customer feedback use build-measure-learn feedback loop. This way reduces the risk factor of your app and makes it easy for an app to appeal and succeed.
    3. Design Review Before Planning Sprints
      Before start working on sprints, do a visual design check on what you want to accomplish in the particular sprint. Then follow up to the completion with a demo and review of the job done. Always plan the sprints in such a way that it includes burndown of all the app’s story times. By the last of every sprint, you will be ready with a workable product even though it is not finished.
    4. Short Release Cycles
      By combining just the essential features in an app and offering them to the client, you can be able to keep the duration of release cycles short, which will serve in faster deployment and advances the feedback formation process.
    5. Automated Testing
      The one way that you can use for fast development cycles while developing a clean and quality app is by using the automation of the mobile app testing.
    6. Component-Based UI
      Another method that can help you to increase the app development speed by using the component-based UI.
    7. Follow Agile and Two-Week Sprints
      The idea of Active and Sprint Planning turns around the idea of releasing an app with just essential features while continuously adding new features over time.
    8. Flexible Team Size
      The best way an android app development company can speed-up your app development process is by using a dedicated team for every process.
    9. Don’t Exclude Hybrid App Development
      Cross-platform apps enable the developer to code for one app that can run on multiple platforms. With this method, you can save your time for writing code for various platforms.
    10. Create Build Alternatives
      Launching your app with additional configurations which are of no use can slow down your app’s builds. Only keep the configurations that are required for the process of development.