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    Why Cake PHP Framework is popular for web development?

    May 16, 2020 — By Brain Technosys

    Cake PHP Framework is gaining quite a popularity among the developers due to its seamless configuration. This allows the practice of creating new nodes that can easily be reused so there is no need to write new codes from scratch, thus saving your time and efforts while creating new websites. 

    The framework came into the existence back in 2005 and has quickly risen above the ranks of its competitors. Cake PHP offers an extremely fast and flexible templating system. Due to this, there is a rise in demand for a Cake PHP framework Developer in India

    This blog of brain technosys provides some vital information regarding the Cake PHP Framework and its advantages. So stay tuned and read the full blog given below.

    What is the Cake PHP Framework?

    It is basically a framework that enables web developers to create multi-featured and highly specialized websites using an easy procedure. Using this framework, developers can create an effective, robust, and affordable websites easily. Here some outstanding features of this framework making it famous among developers.

    1. Baked API
    2. Richer Query API
    3. Smart Router prefixes
    4. Code Generation
    5. Easily compatible with PHP versions of 4 and 5.
    6. Flexible ACL
    7. Flexible Catching 
    8. Localization
    9. Search Engine optimized URLs and many more


    Top 5 advantages of using Cake PHP Framework 


    With its introduction and features, let us discuss its advantages:

    1. Open-source Framework- The first rule of making any commodity famous should be easily accessible and open to all. Cake PHP framework wins this bet here by making sure that it remains an open-source web development program. This comes with no license, no recurring fee, and the probability of investing a penny in the development process. As the name suggests this supports PHP and gives freedom to create an amazing website.


    1. Easily Extendable- This framework allows you to create reusable code parts that can be used for more than a single project, instead of extending libraries, functionality can be given to components, this saves your efforts of writing on your own.


    1. Security- For most of the business security of the platform is the biggest issue in any situation. Cake PHP framework’s security features allow securing the user submission process in less time. This has in-built security and authentication


    1. Easily Extendable- CakePHP allows you to create reusable code parts that can be used in multiple projects. It has a lot of plug-in helpers and components. this saves your time writing everything on your own.


    1. No pre-configuration required-  This saves valuable energy of developers from a lot of hassle. No system configuration to be done using this platform. what does this mean? This means you have don’t have to invest your to configure with MySQL PHP setup. For more, you can connect with us at