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    How to Prioritise and Streamline your Internet Marketing

    December 19, 2013 — By Brain Technosys

    There are seemingly endless options with internet marketing. The temptation is to feel pressurised into doing everything all the time as the channels are there and many of them are ‘free’. However, businesses need to concentrate on prioritising and streamlining which channels to use in order to not waste valuable resources and to reach their target market.


    SEO is something that every business should consider, but rather than going head on with all your competition for very general keywords take some time to research exactly what your customers are likely to type into a search engine. Choose lots of long-tail keywords to focus on, rather than just a few short keywords. This way you will increase conversion as well as standing more chance of hitting the number one spot in Google.


    If you have a PPC budget spend it wisely. PPC is a very effective way of increasing website traffic, but if you have paid for each customer you want them to convert. Don’t make false promises about what you offer in order to get the click. Have your PPC adverts going straight to a landing page so potential customers will find exactly what they were looking for and will not be put off by hunting around your site. Choose your keywords wisely for PPC and focus on the products or services which have the highest conversion rates.

    Social Media

     Social media is a fantastic tool for connecting with your target market, but there are many options and strategies. You could waste a lot of time and money with one channel only to find that your target market don’t use it.

    If your product or service is very visual, such as arts, cakes, or weddings, focus on channels such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, rather than Twitter. However, if you are B to B and you are using lots of content marketing then Twitter and Linked In would be a great place to get your articles and ebooks found and to connect with other businesses, but you are unlikely to need to use Pinterest.

     Do your research and find out the demographics of each social media channel and see if users match with your customer base. Some channels are very popular with teenagers, but not with older adults and vice versa. Do not feel that you have to use each social media channel if they are not appropriate.

    Content Marketing

     Make sure that you prioritise with your content marketing. Spend the time to produce something that your customers will love, rather than lots of pieces that are average. Always make sure that whatever you create with your content marketing will help reach new customers and convert into sales. Do not spend a lot of time on content that isn’t going to convert, as you will end up losing money.

    Although options for online marketing may seem limitless there is no need to try and use every channel. Think about your customer and what channels they are likely to use. Focus on conversions and not just shouting loudly.

     Author Bio: Isabel Crouch runs IZC Marketing an internet marketing company. She is experienced with SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content Marketing.