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    How To Tweet Your Business To success

    September 16, 2013 — By Brain Technosys

    Twitter is a global service which shortens the distance between people and their interest, since it’s a public forum where people read, write and share messages at the click of a button. The messages-tweets are short and are shared in real time. It also allows users to share photos and videos as they happen, from anywhere be it on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Among the various social media sites, twitter is perhaps the most effective social media tool for real-time marketing and customer service delivery. It allows business people a channel to discuss about their operations, products, services and meet present and future customers. Not forgetting that twitter is very user-friendly and has a wide and diverse audience. Here are tips on how to use twitter to grow and expand your business:

    Connect with customers on a personal level

    Give them attention by constantly tweeting to them about your products and services, never fail to seize a chance to promote your business directly. Keep inquiring about their thoughts on the products and services you’re offering. Also, challenge them to propose better designs and ways of offering your products and services. This kind of business-costumer interaction not only creates costumer confidence and loyalty but also give the business owner new insights which would have otherwise been expensive to obtain.

    Follow the right people

    There are people out there who are very good at building relationships and are also excellent in getting their twitter followers to take action. These are the best kind of people to follow and to make learn of your business and the goods and services you’re offering. If they ever get to tweet about your business or products and services, the responses will no doubt be overwhelming and will serve as a survey for your business where you can get useful information about your customers and potential ones.

    Get in front of high profile people

    On twitter, you can follow and interact with virtually anyone regardless of whether they know you or not. Take the opportunity and get your business, products and services in front of vendors, industry analysts and industry experts. This has the potential of earning your business personal conversations with the high profile people if you keep tweeting them. Always stay top of mind with the high profile people and respond to their tweets and post your thoughts about their issues and occasionally get your business and products into the conversations.

    Get traffic and leads

    Try and replace your PR agency with twitter; by doing all you can to make your followers members of the press and analysts. This, you can do by offering free products and services to the press or organizing charitable events where members of the press are invited and engaging them in discussions on how best to serve your customers and the society at large. Get valuable partnerships and build strong PR relationships using twitter and the traffic will definitely spike, deals with major customers will consequently follow.