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    How to Increase Node.js Application Performance

    May 11, 2018 — By Brain Technosys

    Are you an application developer working for a node js development company? Then, you must know that one of the fastest application development tools known as Node.js is available today. It offers several key features. As a part of node js development Services, the features of Node.js, reflect its event-driven nature and asynchronous characteristics. According to the expectations of consumers, the applications developed by using Node.js exhibit increasing performance and speed.

    Importance Of Node.js

    Node.js coding has been given more importance by the developers of node js developers in India. However, as an application developer of node js development company, it is possible for you to find methods to improve the application performance. This can be done without sacrificing your effort by actually improving the security feature of your application development.

    Using Cache Data Effectively

    It is possible for you to improve the application speed by using the caching data often. Hence, as a node js development Services developer, you must try to gather all the cache data and regularly update it. You must also consider implementing NGINX as a reverse proxy server. This action will help you to use cache data as well as balancing of loads when you have servers operating on multiple Node.js. However, while establishing the desired cache data, you need to be cautious to exclude certain content. This will include the administrative platform for your blog, from the cache. Thus, it ensures the security of the cache data at all times.

    Use Of Proxy Server

    One of the best methods to ensure the security of your application development as a part of node js developers India is to use a reverse proxy server, effectively. While focussing on Node.js hosting, you must know that it is designed to manage the incoming traffic. This feature is considered to be good in comparison to other servers. But, it is essential for you to understand that the server exposure to the internet traffic may be dangerous. This is the obvious reason as to why you need to consider the implementation of the reverse proxy server. Now, you can protect the Node.js server from that vulnerable traffic. You can avoid any potential harm to your application development program done through node js development company.

    Parallel Running

    Running in parallel and taking the benefits of asynchronous capabilities of Node.js is always considered as an alternative solution to improve speed. Elimination of middleware is necessary while parallel usage of application developments.

    Keeping Minimum Coding

    As a developer of node js development Services, it is essential for you to maintain the Node.js coding to a minimum. This will help you to boost the performance of the application development. During the development of node js developers India process, you can raise some questions of importance. It will enable you to keep the code light. You must avoid using multiple Javascript files that can generate different HTTP requests also. In place of this, you can find methods to convert those files into a file that offers single streamlined function. This will boost the performance of your Node.js application in a considerable way.

    Developers working through node js development company can ensure security and performance of the Node.js application by monitoring it regularly. They can also introduce automatic monitoring systems that can help them to identify any bottlenecks that might occur.