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    6 Merits of Woo Commerce Plugin 2020

    June 23, 2020 — By Brain Technosys

    Willing to maximize your customer reach and online presence then e-commerce is the best way to do it. Many entrepreneurs must have come across a question of why e-commerce and if so then with which plugin they should go with. Experts suggest going with Woo-commerce for WordPress. This is designed for small as well as big businesses helping them to meet their organizational goals. But why to hire woo commerce developer in India.

    This blog of Brain Technosys aims at providing some benefits of woo commerce plugins over others.


    Let’s start

    1. Woo Commerce pricing 

    Pricing is always a big point when we talk about plugins helping in the smooth development of e-commerce websites. The pricing ranges from thousands of dollars in the year but here it is open source without incurring a cost. However, there are some additional features for you have to pay some amount.

    1. Dynamic 

    Just like WordPress, it has a wealthy number of characteristics that can be extended by adding more plugins to it. The service providers have two main advantages using this; they can get access to thousands of more plugins and topics from WordPress. Some specific applications are crafted for woo commerce only.

    1. Advanced Security

    What makes this plugin so security and hassle-free. Well, this can be answered by an industry expert and it gets updated regularly making it the most preferred choice among e-commerce retailers.

    And with the updates, it is well compatible with the new WordPress themes and versions.

    1. Payment Gateway

    It is a principal instrument for payment if you’re offering delivery option beyond credit card transactions. This plugin comes with multiple payment options including PayPal, Paytm, authorize. Net, Amazon payments, and many more.

    1. Powerful Analytics

    Analytics of woo commerce helps you understand the client and how they communicate with your products and services. It offers a comprehensive collection of analytics in a transparent and straightforward environment. Besides this, it comes with internal analytics facilities such as Google analytics.

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