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    Why Should You Choose React Native for Your Next Mobile App Development Project?

    August 7, 2020 — By Brain Technosys

    Developing a cross-platform mobile application has become a must-have element for full native mobile app development. Moreover, it is the latest trend among developers worldwide. When it comes to cross-platform development, React Native is the most popular mobile framework used by developers to develop an effective mobile application.

    According to a survey by, nearly 42% of mobile app developers prefer this open-source framework React Native for developing cross-platform mobile applications. Next, the usage of native tools for developing a mobile application is popular among global developers. Also, the React Native framework allows the developers to migrate the fully developed Native mobile app into a react native application at ease.

    Reasons to Choose React Native

    When it comes to developing a mobile application, preferring Native or Hybrid could be the option among the developers and businessperson. They are the broad factions in the mobile application market. However, now developers find a perfect alternative to bypass both the factions together by using React Native.

    With the React Native, now developers can utilize the same coding blocks for different platforms like Android and iOS by encapsulating with React and JavaScript. The usage of JavaScript does the functions of the Hybrid app development ecosystem, and the usage of React frameworks delivers better UI/UX just as the Native apps providers.

    In addition, take a look over the top 5 reasons to choose React Native for mobile app development.

    1. Faster and Cost-Effective App Development
    When compared with Native app development, the cost of developing a cross-platform mobile app using React Native would cost low, thanks to easy migration, code reusability, and 3rd party plug-in support.

    Apart from that, the time taken for developing a cross-platform mobile application using React Native would reduce to half when compared with Native mobile app development. Thanks to the coding reusability.

    2. App Development with Better UI/UX
    App developed with React Native is as good as the Native apps on UI/UX. It doesn’t matter what technologies developers use for developing a mobile application; the UI/UX of the application must be good and satisfy the users/consumers.

    The inheritance of JavaScript by React Native makes the framework tops the chart on the delivery of mobile applications with good UI/UX.

    3. Code Reusability
    On developing a React Native mobile app, developers can utilize the pre-built libraries based on JavaScript. The reusability of codes on the app development is a lot for developers and also to the app being developed. Developers save a significant amount of time by skipping the process of building code blocks again and again.

    4. Easy Transition of Web App to Mobile App
    Web applications are well-known for their consistent and minimalistic web apps (PWA) built using React. They can be easily transitioned into a mobile app by using a React Native. This migration process can be done easily and feasibly.

    5. Highly Compatible of 3rd Party Plug-in
    Being an open-source framework, React Native supports using 3rd party plug-in for the development of the mobile applications. With the compatibility of the 3rd party plug-in, developers can develop an app with various functions at ease by using 3rd party libraries. It simply removes all those hassles of developers on developing complicated functions or coding blocks on developing a complex mobile application.


    React Native is a developer and business-friendly framework for developing an effective cross-platform mobile application. Moreover, React Native does have a huge community from which developers can avail support from the expert to develop a highly functional enterprise level cross-platform mobile application at ease.

    Owing to the benefits and high performance and significant UI/UX delivered by the React Native mobile framework on its cross-platform mobile applications, it is now the world’s top leading brands including FB, Bloomberg, Walmart uses React Native for its applications.