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    What is the Difference Between Angular JS and Vue JS?

    December 24, 2018 — By Brain Technosys

    Before finding out the difference between Angular JS and Vue JS, it is essential to know what is meant by Angular JS and Vue JS. You must know that Angular JS is an open source framework through which you will be able to build front-end of the web application. This is based on JavaScript. This Angular JS is maintained by the developers of Google, in order to solve various issues associated with the development of Single Page Application.

    Advantages and Disadvantages Of Angular JS

    The various advantages of Angular JS reveal that it offers you two-way data binding, DOM manipulation, the performance of the server gets improved, application of prototyping becomes faster, and web will be responsive. Other advantages include that it offers the web development of the MVVM architecture. Application development is faster with Angular JS. Some of the disadvantages of using Angular JS is that JavaScript support is compulsory, Inexperience with MVC, and The Scopes. You may find other difficult features and the possibility of time consumption.

    What Is Meant By Vue JS?

    Vue JS is considered as a JavaScript front-end framework that is designed by Evan. The primary purpose of Vue is to organize and simplify the web development that you plan to do. With the assistance of Vue, it is possible for you to make web UI advancements in a more congenial manner. It is possible to use Vue, which can be integrated with libraries and projects. Installation of Vue is simple.

    Advantages and Disadvantages Of Vue JS

    Some of the advantages of Vue JS indicate that it is lightweight, integration is easy, versatility and scalability, readability for the perfectionist, easy integration with the existing apps, effortless integration with third-party integration, and is simple to understand and develop. Disadvantages include lack of some common solid plugins or components, and its evolution is fast. Some minor issues can occur with iOS and Safari and Reactivity caveats.

    Major Differences Between Angular JS and Vue JS

    You can find the Angular JS offers an option for developing large size projects, whereas Vue JS is used for light projects. Angular JS is a front-end framework, and hence, can be used for developing any back-end programming language like Java and PHP. Angular JS is made completely by utilizing JavaScript, whereas Vue JS makes use of HTML based template syntax. Angular JS supports real-time applications. This can be seen in instant messaging or chat apps, whereas Vue JS is used to develop lightweight single page applications by providing an easy interface. Angular JS is an open source framework for the client side of the application but Vue JS is an open source as well as a progressive framework for building UI. With ionic 2, Angular JS comes including native script, whereas Vue JS is seen as the best choice for vue.js developers that enjoys native mobile development. Angular JS is not simple to use and its complexity creates plenty of confusion, but Vue JS comes with pre-built MVC model and data binding. Hence, to set up Vue JS is easy.

    With the innovation and advancement of JavaScript, you can create applications that are more intelligent, quick and easy to use. In fact, JavaScript is used for developing unique projects across the world. However, using either Angular JS or Vue JS, cannot be considered as an ideal answer for the development of applications. Based on the circumstances and the requirement of functionalities, you can use either Angular JS or Vue JS for developing application projects.