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    Upcoming Mobile App Development Trends 2019

    January 15, 2019 — By Brain Technosys

    In the year 2018, the world was completely covered by various types of mobile apps and mobile computing. Of course, we cannot deny that mobile devices and apps play a very important role in our professional as well as personal lives. According to Thorstein Heins, the development in the future will rest on Mobile Computing. Tablets and smartphones are their elements. This industry will see a novel paradigm.

    Statistics reveal that by the year 2020, mobile apps will be able to create nearly 189 U.S.dollars as income through in-app advertising and app stores. It also indicates that more than 80% of mobile minutes are used in apps in the markets. We can hope to observe the growth of 385% in the mobile app market by 2021. Reliable research indicates that the expected smartphone users will touch nearly 2.5 billion in 2019 when compared to 2.1 billion in 2016.

    In 2019, we can observe the tremendous influence of mobile apps in businesses belonging to various size, segment, and genre.
    Janice H. Reinold is of the view that in this modern era, people are either connected or asleep. This shows the value of mobile apps.

    We should now understand why to analyze and understand mobile app development trends for 2019. The trends reveal the preference of clients; the present as well as future users. They possess a method of enhancing productivity and profitability in the business.
    Any required changes in your business operation can be done through trends. Necessary actions can be planned for the year to keep in pace with the forthcoming moves. Risks taken can be estimated and calculated in advance with mitigation plans. You can be above other people if trends are closely and carefully followed. According to Matt Galligan, the future of everything rests on the future of mobile.

    Major Technological Trends for Mobile App Development in 2019

    Internet of Things Will Collaborate Closely with Mobile App Development

    People across the world can now realize that Internet of Things (IoT) vastly influences their professional as well as personal lives. This may be in the field of construction, eCommerce, healthcare, shipping & logistics, education or transportation. It is felt that the Internet of Things is carving a place for itself. In the year 2019, it is seen that IoT devices and mobile devices will certainly work together. Users now will be able to gain better control of the gadgets with the help of the combined application. Devices that are connected to IoT will have a great demand in homes and industries. Here human intervention will be less.

    AR & VR Will Offer New Dimensions to the Physical and Digital World

    AR and VR have always amazed the users, especially the methods in which they are integrating with mobile apps. Great results are expected to owe to this development. This can be observed in social media apps and gaming apps. Here, AR and VR technology are providing a strong influence. Mobile apps, baring AR and VR technology, are proving to be very interactive and fruitful among users. Campaigning through social media will observe very good future in 2019. This type of technology has altered the methods of business operations and communication by users. A platform of unique experience and user interface is showcased in these devices that have influenced mobile application strategies in a great way. The mobile app developers are observing user experiences very closely, trying to digitally blend the physical world to feel as if it is a real world.


    Looking into the year 2019 and beyond, you can see great development in the industry of mobile apps. You can visualize the trends in the advancement of mobile apps as it has a serious influence on the globe. Hence, the outlook is bright with numerous benefits derived from technological evolutions in the arena of mobile applications and its upcoming trends.