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    Top 7 Trends in iPhone App Development

    July 12, 2016 — By Brain Technosys

    iPhone app development- isn’t it the most commonly heard clause these days?
    It definitely is!
    In fact Mobile application development has grown as one of the largest and highly growing technology those appeals throughout the world. With this immense growth have arrived multiple trends that are covering the market day after day. With the upcoming of the iPhone application development and growing popularity of iOS based applications, this has simply revolutionized the world of smart phones.
    Gone are the days when mobiles where just used for calling and to an extent for texting contents. With the mobile phones turning into smart phones the process has completely changed and this has highly impacted not only the users but also the service providers to create innovative trends in the related field in order to keep the user crowd intact. Long gone is the time when we used our phones to make calls. Eventually, Apple has maximized the number of its users and potential user with this strategy. With around 1.4 million potential customers it can be clearly understood that every single changing trend in the iPhone market is observed closely and also inclined to around 4 times more than Android users.
    Mentioned below are the top 7 trends in iPhone App development area that is going to hit the iPhone App Development market :

    1. Increased numbers of free applications: As per the figures of the Garter report, there has been observed a high rise increase in the numbers of free apps as available for the iPhone users. hybrid apps are also anticipated to trend higher in the coming times.
    2. Apple’s Swift: With the high popularity of the Apple’s swift in 2014 the development language used for development has grown popular. In fact many of the application designers have perfectly coupled Apple’s Swift with Linked-In, Yahoo and Vine. Also the release of Swift 2 has been made to create a more developer friendly feature.
    3. iBeacon: iBeacon has been the location tracking app for the customers enabling development of creating personalized applications/advertisements with target audience according to information received from neighbouring supermarkets, movie theaters and shopping centers, etc.
    4. iOS enabled wearable gadgets: The Apple market has been flooded with multiple creative and wearable devices like smart watches, iPhone, and iPad hitting more than 10,000 users in the initial part of this year.
    5. Cloud-based applications: With the initiating trend of Cloud–based applications storage and usage in 2015, the trend catches up high growth due to advantages like- higher free space in the limited memory, allowing smaller apps, lesser memory/data issues with the handset and smart sync facilitation.
    6. New security measures: With high mobile security risks as per the recent Gartner report, Apple has taken keen notice of the same by pushing developers to incorporate the crucial security formalities through iOS 9.
    7. M-Commerce trends: Apple has incorporated developing apps that helps user’s sustain their online shopping and business venturing needs with it iOS based apps that well integrates with the related needs.

    These are the current trending zones in the Apple’s basket as a gift for both the current and the prospective iPhone users.