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    Top 5 Android App Development Trends You Should Know!

    March 1, 2021 — By Brain Technosys

    According to IDC, the market share for Android devices – smartphones, tablets, IoT, wearables, and what not – has consistently been near the 85% mark for the last five years.

    This offers a huge opportunity for Android developers and companies a vast market to tap into. The break-neck speed at which the technology is evolving needs you to be on top of your game and to adopt the latest trends in android app development.

    Here we present the most promising five trends that we believe are not only path-breaking but are the basis for many more successful trends.

    1. Apps for Foldable Device

    Since Samsung introduced its foldable smartphone in late 2019, Microsoft, Motorola, Huawei, and Mi all released their foldable smartphones. These devices offer a form factor that was non-existent before and they all run on Android!

    For the foreseeable future this market is exclusive to Android developers. Google announced in 2018 its support for foldables and ‘screen continuity’ API – to allow seamless UX without stopping the app execution when the device is unfolded or folded, giving you a leg-up.

    Already thousands of Android apps have been optimized for foldable devices including popular OTTs, social media, video streaming, games, and even MS Office!

    2. AI/ML

    AI and ML are taking the world in their stride for the last 5 years and 2021 is not going to be any different. If anything, the usage, applications, and benefits from these two are going to increase manifold.

    Some the areas where you can integrate AI/ML in your apps are:

    • Image recognition for plagiarism checking in online assignments or for detecting symptoms in a patient.
    • Face detection in virtual classrooms, traffic signals, and crime investigation.
    • Text and image classification in legal service, audits, and E-Governance.
    • Sentiment recognition and classification for trading strategy and multi-player game play.
    • Speech recognition for assisting people with special needs, kids, and seniors in trouble.
    • Predictive maintenance of expensive plants and machinery to avoid accidents and losses.

    3. AR and VR

    Augmented reality and virtual reality have many real applications beyond games like ‘Pokémon Go.’ AR/VR have high demand in development of:

    • high-quality gaming apps.
    • patient monitoring and diagnostics.
    • virtual tour of facilities, properties, and tourist attractions.
    • story telling for spreading awareness and campaigning.
    • allowing virtual interaction with the world to gain more knowledge about it.
    • giving directions in real-time using the smartphone’s camera.

    4. Mobile App Security

    The pandemic year 2020 saw a jump in online shopping by individuals to a record level, and so was the jump in cyber-crimes, such as phishing, identity theft, hacking, and so on. The beginning of 2021 saw the biggest migration of IM app WhatsApp users to Signal and Telegram. It was triggered by the announcement of a change in privacy policy by the former from a later date.

    If you can reliably prove that your security is better than your competition, without compromise with efficiency and design, then you could emerge a winner. Security is integrated into the app architecture, design, development, deployment, and interface with third-party APIs.

    5. Cloud Integration

    With roll-out of 5G technology, the 4G technology will become more affordable and overall mobile data speeds could see a jump of 3 to 10 times. As all cloud-based solutions need a stable Internet connection, Android users will increasingly use more cloud-based apps.

    This will be because of many benefits they have to offer over traditional server-hosted apps:

    • virtually unlimited storage.
    • anytime access from any logged-in device.
    • accessible from browser after log-in.
    • it is easier to use apps like MS Office on cloud, than on mobile.
    • Less consumption of battery, CPU, and graphics resources.


    The dynamic world of Android apps requires you to know the trends well-ahead of your competition and cash in on these to get the first-mover’s advantage.

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