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    Stock Photos Tricks Every Designer Must Know

    February 13, 2018 — By Brain Technosys

    Selecting the correct stock photos that match the design and overall functionality of your website holds immense importance as pictures are solely responsible for the make of your design. At the time of designing visuals, it is essential to choose such stock photos which would complement the overall theme of the design. Finding photos which go well with your designs have become quite easy nowadays. Read on to know more about the stock photo tricks every web designer must pay heed to.

    Search for Tags

    Many of the stock photo sites provide the facility of an advanced search option so that designers can find the photo as per their need. It is important to note that the search functionality aims at titles and descriptions which are added to the photos. In order to search for the best photos, it is important to search for tags. Focus on those keywords which photographers may frequently use in their photos and accordingly sort your search. This would help you in finding some great photos which you can easily use in your designs.

    Know The Source

    Many websites offer free photos. The more you come across different sources of stock photos, the more interesting characteristics you will find. Some websites offer landscape, nature photos and some offer urban-themed photos to suit a more modern style. Once you have found the source, you can easily find the right photos effectively. This would help in saving a lot of your time and also prove to be cost-effective. Moreover, it would be easy for you to maintain a consistent theme all throughout your designs.


    Make Use of Samples

    At the time of drafting designs, do not hesitate in using samples of stock photos. Using samples is a simple trick which would save a lot in terms of money. Sample photos are available with watermarks but are free of cost. If the client accepts your design work-flow, you can easily purchase them. Many free stock photos websites put strict limits on download, so remember not to download such photos which you can’t use.

    Image Testing

    If you intend to use your stock photos in case of a web designing project, then it is advisable to check whether they are complimenting with the taste and preferences of your target audience. You can opt for A/B testing which is also known as split testing. It mainly involves a set up of two versions of the same web page and simultaneously acknowledges the one which performs better. When you create different versions with alternative images, you can analyze which particular image gets more clicks.

    Above listed are some simple tricks that are easy to implement for web designers. Hope this article will be helpful in understanding how to search for the right stock photo sites properly. In case of any doubt, please make sure to comment and the techies at the top website design company, Brain Technosys would be more than happy to assist you.