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    Spree Commerce vs. Shopify: which one to Choose for Your Ecommerce Store

    February 16, 2021 — By Brain Technosys

    What do you think are the most significant reasons for online shopping? There really are no CROWDS, firstly. This means you’re not going to really have to bustle around a mob scrambling to find the last pair of sneakers. What you need to do now is just open the laptop wherever you are from. Year over year, the e-commerce market is increasingly growing. With this growing trend it becomes necessary for all store owners to bring their business to the digital space. However, choosing the right method and approach for eCommerce website development is tough. Most of the people get confused while choosing between Spree Commerce and Shopify.

    Spree Commerce or Shopify?

    The very first aspect you must realize is that, though Shopify is an e-commerce solution, Spree Commerce is a portal. This ensures that you’ll be the sole owner of your e-commerce shop if you plan to pick Spree. On the other side, Shopify itself can run a store designed for Shopify and host it. Let’s look at them more attentively.

    Spree Commerce

    By delivering a robust implementation platform for your eCommerce shop, Spree Commerce helps to simplify these complexities. It is an open-source software that runs on rails based on ruby, making it easy to incorporate. The creation of Spree Commerce provides consumers a range of customizations for a highly customized online shopping experience. Since this platform is developed for the Ruby on Rails architecture, it is the best option for super-fast, lightweight, and good-looking websites to be created. The capability to customize, replace, or add whatever features you like is another advantage of using Spree Commerce for eCommerce website development.

    Though it can be helpful with numerous features, it requires technical expertise. You’ll have to manually configure and manage this system, for instance. This suggests that you will need to employ a team of experienced developers.


    Shopify is the pioneering solution for creating online shops for eCommerce. The platform is used by about 400,000 retailers, producing total sales of about $16 billion. The architecture of the Shopify website is cloud-based, ensuring you can manage your store on the application itself. Shopify is a website that is not technological. But you need professionals who can build the perfect shop and make you a pioneer in your business throughout the eCommerce industry. The approach includes themes that will assist you in no time to hit the standard of eCommerce majors.

    Commerce stores on the platform are run by Shopify itself and maintained. But with Spree Commerce, you are completely the owner and manager of your store. For smaller retailers, Shopify is ideally acceptable. Spree trade is more preferred as most big stores are looking to host their own information, configure it highly according to their requirements and not pay charges.

    Summing up: Shopify or Spree Commerce

    You must pick Spree Commerce if:

    • You want to have a simple optimization of the production of your store;
    • You’re going to configure the store in different ways,
    • You prefer Ruby on Rails and your online store’s accelerated upgrade;

    While you must go for Shopify if-

    • You do not want to dig thoroughly into the complexities of your eCommerce website and discover any technical details.
    • You want the signup and access to your store instantly without wasting any time
    • You want to have a different and gorgeous theme.

    Now, you can pick the foundation of your eCommerce website development from spree commerce or Shopify, the perfect eCommerce app for you.