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    Returning to Point O in applying Circles to Overall Design Applications

    March 3, 2014 — By Brain Technosys

    In designer circles, a self-same intriguing trend is in comeback. Web design artists are frequently incorporating the perfect fluidity of the circular shape in their works. The point O design of a circle is crucial on several parameters. Essentially, it is the simplest and the most perfect geometrical shape without any jutting corners. It is symbolic of fluid motion as wheels are always circular.

    The essence of enriched zero

    • The circle or its 3-dimension projection as the sphere is the top favorite template of the universe to create the most amazing designs, symbolizing life.
    • From the shape of the planets to the shape of your head, the design recurs in different forms. Developers essentially have a world to compress in the perimeters of a circle.
    • You can use it to segregate a concept from the ambient elements.
    • It is also a crucial shape in implying harmony, completeness, perfection, energy, and power.
    • In fact, the color wheel is also an O representing all known hues of the visible world.
    • You can use it to focus the attention of your reader. The ubiquitous circle essentially has hundreds and thousands of applications.

    The endless perfection

    The extraordinary uniformity of circle is virtually endless. It represents an infinite loop without beginning or end! The simplicity of representing endlessness into ordinary elements is fascinating designers big-time. In web development communities, the latest presentations mostly consist of the circular shape in one form or the other. Graphic artists are also experimenting with the shape derivatives from the circles incorporating organicity in the website user experience. Some developers also point to the fact that Google also upgraded its algorithm lately (The Hummingbird) in determining the ‘human-friendly’ approach of the websites.

    Key design issues

    The main issue in handling a circle is its relative position in the overall design. One needs to be careful of the rectangular computer, tab, and mobile device screens where the visitor looks up your website. Irrespective of the placement of the circle, it is always inherent in the rectangular screen perimeters. Obviously, the websites also have a rectangular design template. The developer needs to place the circle in such a manner that it does not create unaesthetic corners in framing with the rectangular perimeter.

    Besides the odd space issue, the circle sometimes does not blend adequately with other design elements. (Many developers are rounding off the edges in their website rectangular template to comply with the requirements of setting up the O. All leading web design systems include the options to create circles.

    The diverse applications

    The different applications of using the O-shape also incorporate a deep enrichment of various design elements in shaping spectacular websites. The internet is turning to be increasingly design quality centric in all aspects, owing primarily to the algorithm parameters of Google. The search engine now has access to a highly diverse archive of quality templates to integrate in the algorithm systems.

    By the highly advanced implementation of these templates, Google Hummingbird can identify the websites adhering to the best aesthetic standards. Besides, Google preference is also complementary to the popularity of the website. A good design leads to a convenient user experience, which follows up with site popularity. Automatically, the search engine takes note of the increased traffic (brought about by good SEO), and you gain from significant visibility.

    Designers are using circles anywhere they deem fit. It is a great approach to introduce some freshness into the rectangular navigation panel. The circular interest is also crucial when you want to engage the attention of the visitor specifically. They also serve as amazing backgrounds. You can create a wonderful experience by superimposing a figure on the O-background. This creates the appearance of a halo. The subconscious always connects the halo to something extraordinary. Many web design company artists are experimenting with circular logos. Developers who undertake offline projects like creating badges and brochures are also working increasingly on this perfect template.

    Author Bio: Michael Saunders is a freelance designer working from his Brooklyn apartment. Lately, the circle caught his fancy. He handles projects from several leading web design company services in NY area.