• Google Webmasters

    Amazing Google Webmasters Tool for Security Issue

    November 6, 2013 — By Brain Technosys
    Google has introduced the inclusion of a new segment in Webmasters Tools termed as“Security Issues.” This latest section is designed for effective communicating to site owners security matters like malware, website hacks and others, and then offering a more comprehensive and concise means of solving the problem and posting a…
  • Local SEO

    Did Hummingbird Just Kill Your Local SEO?

    October 30, 2013 — By Brain Technosys
    Andrew Shotland from Search Engine Land talks about how Hummingbird affected local SEO. Let’s cut to the chase: no, it didn’t (see Betteridge’s Law of Headlines). But Search Engine Land tells me the Hummingbird stuff really drives the page views these days, so you only have yourself to blame. :)…
  • Social Media Marketing

    Digital Marketing and its future

    September 25, 2013 — By Brain Technosys
    Introduction to digital marketing: In this era of high-end technology support, what’s left that we don’t fancy doing on a gadget? From shopping to entertainment, to reading and dating, the foundation for all is set up online. Digital marketing is nothing else then the marketing by use of electronic devices…