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    Android Application development in India - the current trends

    October 24, 2019 — By Brain Technosys

    With the introduction of Android in the market, there has been a sudden boom in android application development roles in the industry, with many individuals stepping in to fulfill the requirements. From android applications for calculations to complex games and simulators – there is no end to development in the android operating system. Even if the individual is not serving in the best android app development company in India, he or she can come up with a successful application that has the potential to go viral. Android application development in India has become more popular with time with several new engineers or computer graduates choosing to go for either Machine Learning or Android development in their careers. Here, let us try and understand the current trends of Android development in India.


    When we talk about trends, one of the major ones is the Kotlin Era – especially after Google declared Kotlin as the official development language for Android. People have started to shift base from learning Java and have been picking up Kotlin as a language to study. Kotlin offers the same level of component handling with similar security but better-inbuilt libraries for support.


    Apart from Kotlin trying to fight back, the most important other update is that of the inclusion of machine learning and artificial intelligence. With the emergence of machine learning as well as artificial intelligence, there have been several instances of individuals trying to program an android application, able to understand and reply as humans do, but with a bit more fun (not like Siri and Google Assistant).

    To name another one, Blockchain Technology too has gained decent popularity. Blockchain and Android are being considered together not only by financial organizations and banks but several startups as well. From currency IPOs (before they were banned) to developing complex Blockchain-based systems integrated with cloud technology- android development has truly come a long way in the past 2-3 years.


    And that is not all – there is not an android app development company in India which is not thinking of revolutionizing the sphere with the help of IoT. With the central concept of being able to control other devices or systems from the convenience of your smartphone, this development trend is fast spreading and might just yield wonders in the near future.


    With time, India soon will be one of the largest markets as well as development centers for android applications as well as games.