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    6 Reasons Why AI Will Take Over Cyber Security

    November 27, 2018 — By Brain Technosys

    Cyber Security is a hot topic at the moment. You can attribute it to hacking scandals, government intrusions and violations of privacy that is increasing in number. Despite a lot of talk going about these, you still have a lot of people who minimum computer literacy which is evident from the fact that about 20% of the people still maintain a password as simple as “123456” for various online accounts.

    The amount of data transferred in 2016 is estimated to be about 1 zettabyte( 1 trillion gigabytes). This makes it essential to have ever-growing programming products that are self-educative and self-adjusting because cyber applications are all set to rule the way we shop and monitor our health. This means cybersecurity must be one that is not built on a static algorithm but one that is good enough to transcend the anti-virus label and fight binary battles that is possible with the help of AI.

    Why AI?

    AI and automation are reshaping economies. It is estimated that about 50% of American jobs are about to be taken away by AI and Automation. It is because humans are considered to be inefficient when compared to the machines. Though this fact is debatable, it is a fact that this is the reason for a number of jobs being replaced by AI or its basic form. It goes without saying, that the same would happen to cybersecurity as well.

    6 Reasons why AI will be employed for cybersecurity 

    Faster than Humans and Easy to Maintain

    There is no doubt that a programmed machine is faster in performance than a human being. The same applies to cybersecurity as well. Moreover, it is easier to maintain a security application that protects the data on all 365 days 24X7 without the need for food, accommodation or any other payment rather than a human being. The other reasons include the absence of cybersecurity experts as well as the AI system being able to deliver peak performance at all times.

    AI is Required to Deal with Cyber Criminals

    It is estimated that at present the about 30 security breaches are happening in the world for every second. Cyber crimes are committed by brilliant minds who use them in immoral ways. The quantum of the breaches as well as the efficiency of the enemy one has to combat, necessitates the use of AI for cybersecurity.

    It is Cheap

    It is common for humans to commit an error. In the case of cyber activities, a click on the bad link could lead to loss of data and other important information. Apart from helping you save direct costs in the form of salary, AI will also help you run the show without an error.

    Protection from Cybercrime is Perfect

    The AI system is capable of protecting data from the perpetrators who may invade into the private security by virtue of the number of IoT devices that you own. AI would be the gamechanger offering perfect protection.

    Big Data Offers Scope For Use of AI

    Most of the industries collect large data that acts as a reliable source of information for business decisions. AI excels in handling big data and related security.

    Good at Predicting

    The need for Artificial Intelligence arises is because of its ability to predict the vulnerabilities it would be able to make predictions even in the case of a complex system with a number of entry points.

    This indicates that AI is going to rule the cybersecurity world.