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    10 Advantages of Cross Platform Mobile App Development

    July 5, 2018 — By Brain Technosys

    The craze of mobile app development is trending readily all over India. The app development industry is flooded with various software development kits, different interfaces, and programming languages. As more and more mobile apps were into the process of developing the mobile app development India faced many problems and challenges in terms of efforts, cost, and publicity. However, every problem has a solution, and the issues which were faced by the mobile app developers were resolved up to the large extent when the concept of cross-platform mobile app development was introduced. The mobile app developers could now do coding just once and imply it across all the mobile operating systems.

    Few advantages of cross-platform app development are as follows:

    Reusable Codes

    The significant advantage of using cross-platform mobile app development method is that the developers need to write their codes just once and it can be reused for different platforms. However this is not something new or unique, this concept has been used in the software development for many years, but yes it has reduced the chaotic situation which mobile app development industry was facing up to manifolds.


    When the codes don’t have to be re-written for various platforms, automatically it saves time and energy of the mobile app development India workers.

    Cost Control

    The cost of mobile app development was touching the skies at one of time, i.e., the app development companies had to invest heavily in various tools and kits for the same. Moreover, each operating system had its expenditure (due to different codes), but after the introduction of cross-platform app development, there has been massive cost control.

    Same Development Team

    Due to the symmetrical coding for various platforms, the same development team can work for different platforms thus saves, time and money.

    Quick Development Time

    When a single set of the script is installed the app development takes place much faster. When the product is developed faster, it ensures its faster delivery in the market.

    New Development/ Upgrading Time

    The time which has been saved from the quick development of the apps can be utilized in developing new apps or new codes for brand new mobile apps. This time can also be utilized in app testing and update of the mobile app.

    Easy Implementation

    Appcelerator, PhoneGap, etc. are the latest technologies which are offering the cross-platform solution which is enhancing the industry of mobile app development India. They are making the development work easy. Like for example, the Appcelerator solution makes the conversion of single HTML5 coding easy for various operating systems.

    Easy Sync Updates

    When the app development is easy and quick the syncing of updates also becomes easy for all the mobile devices.

    Symmetry in Apps

    Because the apps are developed using the same codes, there is a surety that overall display of the app is similar in all the operating systems. This maintains symmetry and uniformity of apps.

    Ease of Use

    The use of similar codes for various platforms ensures ease of use for the customers. They don’t need to use different methodologies to run the same app in different operating systems.