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    Features Of Ionic Framework For Mobile Apps Development

    January 17, 2017 — By

    Mobile apps are connected with every small and huge sized business. You will need an impressive app that can be installed in all iphones and android phones to introduce or to popularize your services and business. Here comes the role of a good mobile app development company in India. Many people know that there is huge industrial base for mobile app development in India. They prefer to hire some specialized company to build an app that can present their brand with picture perfection. There are many pen source platforms available to develop great apps for mobile. Iconic Frameworks is one of the most preferred one amongst them all in recent times.

    Mobile App Development

    A Brief Knowledge About Iconic Framework for Mobile Apps Development

    Two friends, Ben Sperry and Max Lynch founded a company named Drifty Co. and they created Iconic Framework in 2013. They were trying to find out something that can help you to develop good quality mobile app that look better and work faster. This way Iconic Framework took their first step towards developing some amazing mobile apps for all. As this is an open source framework you can easily learn about it and develop apps using their open source cloud platform. You just need to understand the method and downloading process very clearly and you can start working on it.

    If you are an app developer and like to CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 then you can easily understand Iconic Framework and its features. Hybrid mobile apps are very much in trend among the app developers. There are many benefits of using hybrid mobile apps. Native apps generally work on some specific device or a pre specified platforms, but hybrid mobile apps are different and can be accessed from different platforms as well. It works perfectly well with wrappers like Cordova and PhoneGap.

    Mobile App Development

    Know the Feature

    As you know people always try to find out something very new and latest things that will stay for a longer time. This is so much true for mobile app development as well. When it comes to mobile apps, it becomes necessary to check out its supportability. HTML5 is a very well accepted platform and people are using this more and more in recent times. Developers know that HTML5 is going to stay for a long time. Thus Iconic framework is also going to stay for a longer time as well. Apart from the point of great accessibility it is also easy to establish those codes without any hassles. You can find them without providing much efforts form HTML and JavaScript components and need not rewrite those codes again and again.

    When you develop an app then you need to put many features into in like bullets, list, popups, navigation box and many more features. Iconic Framework is full of such features consisting of JavaScript, CSS, and CSS component that will help you to build all those features in your app.

    Now you know a lot about Iconic frameworks and its features. Hire a specialized mobile app development company in India to develop the most suitable mobile app for your business.