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    Next Generation iOS Development with Swift Coding

    January 24, 2017 — By Brain Technosys

    The actual development of Swift coding practices got a kick start in the year 2010. In fact, this is the origin of next generation iOS development with Swift language coding concept. Apple Company of the US is the real owner of this language. This is a wonderful tool used for generating and operating new applications, efficiently. Work was done for more than a year in the development of Swift by an engineer, known as Lattner. He turned this Swift language into a major focus for Apple Company across the world.

    About Next Generation Swift Coding Language

    As a part of iphone app development india, the word Swift refers to a pleasant and communicative coding language by employing modern concept of syntax in a program, known as Objective –C. The present day iphone app developers working in India are already familiar with this concise and resilient type of next generation language. However, currently through iphone app development company operating in India, many application developers are using the best practices used in the next generation iOS development. This strategy has helped them to generate a wide variety of apps that can be used for every purpose.

    Easier And Simpler Coding Concepts

    In comparison with Objective-C, as a part of iphone app development india, Swift scripting concepts are considered as simpler and easier to use. In fact, Swift is described as Objective-C without C. Hence, iphone app developers from iphone app development company based in India have the professional expertise to add the swift code to generate high quality based apps. They do this task at lightning speed by using modern concepts in larger parts of developing applications. This is achieved while running with the program based on Objective-C.

    Management of Memory Through Swift Coding

    The next generation iOS development with Swift coding makes use of Automatic Reference Counting. This helps the developers to easily track and manage the memory of the app in an automatic way. Through iphone app development india, the iphone app developers have extensive knowledge of the concept of Swift. This enables them to find solutions to several memory issues. In this regard, the team employed by the iphone app development company has the capacity to run iOS apps’ memory usage through optimal usage. This involves the usage of reference cycles for developing a variety of classifications needed in Automatic Reference Counting.

    Breakthrough in Enhancements of Swift Coding

    One of the biggest breakthrough enhancements by using Swift next generation coding practices is the concept of new playground. Through iphone app development india, the concept of playground will certainly enable any app developer to create interactive views as and when they type a line of code. The Swift developers of iphone app development company in India are capable of tweaking codes. This helps them to observe the images within the environment of xcode in a real time.

    Use of Storyboard Tool in Swift

    The next generation iOS app development process makes use of an in-built new Storyboard tool. This helps the app developer to develop applications in a much simple and easier way. As a part of iphone app development india, the iphone app developers were able to customize applications used in iPhone and iPad. They could achieve this task by employing a single universal type storyboard. Besides, they were able to use additional features like images, tables, and buttons. This was done without actually implementing re-coding practices for each platform, independently.


    Ultimately, the aim of iphone app development company operating in India is to revolutionize the next generation iOS development by employing efficient Swift coding practices. This will generate higher revenue for them.