Engine World

The website if designed to sell used Japanese engines in the United states.


Website purpose is to gather the sources of sellers and buyers that meet the needs of Thai people the most.


E-commerce website delivers profoundly effective products for pets and people.

TakeBack Team

This website provide an online community where the current issues can be shared, investigated, and discussed with resulting action plans.


CashPhlow, get the data you need to keep your company running smoothly and automate the weekly cash forecasting process.

PayDay Priorities

Website through users can manage your finances and make sure your bills are paid on time.


Website that provides storage unit or office place.

Eos Med Chem

Healthcare website provide/supply medicines to pharma companies

Heroes and Hope

This website is for survivors of cancer, depression, PTSD, anxiety and other life altering ailments. Also can be a mentor, and donate through website.


Marketplace for furniture.