App that will design a weekly menu with your personalized daily servings to keep you healthy and fit in shape.


App for donation to NGO and poor/needy hands with your own hands by this app.


App is smart grocery management system, where you manage your grocery which includes food and other pantry items.


App purpose is to gather the sources of sellers and buyers that meet the needs of Thai people the most.

Fathom or Agency One

Users can come and search their dream home to buy by applying filters as per requirement.


It is a fully functional life safety app designed to assist everyone in effectively communicating during emergency situations.

Event Combo

Single Platform, all-in-one self-service in-person, virtual and physical event solution that allows businesses to easily, quickly create and host events.


This website is for solving legal problems for individuals and businesses online.

Front desk booking

This website provide their front desk booking software to industries, to manage their booking and availability.