This is document management system for Loan applications, it is using tenant based architecture. Loan can be created for borrower with diffrent layout. Borrower can signin with that domain and can fill all loan application and upload loan related document.


Lead manage system based on campaigns. Buyer can purchase leads and bought leads status within system.

Halal Guide

Halal Guide is a freely accessible application designed for locating nearby restaurants that offer halal food. It provides comprehensive information on each restaurant’s menu, including details about the ingredients used.


Michelle is a performance-based job board specifically tailored for blue-collar professionals. Michelle provide a seamless B2B matching platform and simplifies the recruitment process for blue-collar jobs, offering an efficient solution to your hiring needs.


Procuropedia is a free to use procurement knowledge base. It is a central resource for all procurement and supply professionals.


With iMED, where you can store your health records digitally, record your instant health information, and store all the information you need for a healthy life, information about your prescriptions, medicines, laboratory results, diseases, allergies and many more


The system is inclusive of modules like learning management system, events module, food ordering and delivery module.


Cash forecasting at a weekly level is a best practice.