Hire Offshore Developers in USA

Hire Offshore Developers Service in USA/ Brain Technosys

Today, offshore development services are the basic need for many big projects in companies with large infrastructure. In addition, these practices are necessary to optimize the project's cost, providing the development team with manpower and other required resources. Brain Technosys provides cutting-edge offshore services with an expert team of developers and experienced manpower and administrative staff.

We provide a customized software development team of professionals who take charge of the software development with streamlined operations. Many of our clients provide details according to project requirements, and according to that, we create a development centre. All the variable staff carries expert experience in their field.

Many leading brands hire offshore developers in the USA to manage their projects and operations with expert IT solutions and other associate services. Our team designs and offsite set up with the entire customized requirement that the projects and the development team need to complete the project. We goal to save the expenses of the client with the research and customized remote area set up.

Our offshore development services: 

Get our offshore development services with our distinct model. We have an expert team of professionals who customize the software development and administrative model according to the client's requirements. When you hire offshore developers in the USA, we aim to save up to 60 percent of expenses. These expenses include project execution, manpower charges, software development, and other associate charges. We offer collective offshore development services that cover all these aspects within an easy and customized setup and execution team.

  • Contractor model: In the model, we offer a remote team of software developers and IT specialists to manage all the aspects of the project development. Our team handles the software planning, execution, development, and testing platform. We have a special R&D team that undergoes customized research for the specific companies and the project's software.
  • Customer model: This model is often popular among companies with large infrastructure. They hire offshore developers in the USA by us, and we set up the services based on the companies to practice their operations. Sometimes, the team is the company's part that assists our team with the projects development and other associate services. It is t lead the better engagement and accuracy of the project with the minimum time consumption.

Why choose us over other offshore development services?

Choosing us is the better to upgrade and streamline your remote project requirements. Our team aspires to serve the services with the project execution with the development and testing services. We offer the complete customized project development setup and a professional team with the required manpower and administrative staff.

  • Experienced and efficient team quick and easy remote set up
  • Advanced technology approach
  • Customized manpower and administrative services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Highly skilled customer support