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    The Most Admired iOS App Development Trends in 2021

    April 9, 2021 — By Brain Technosys

    Technology trends in the mobile industry affect user experience and the development trends in iOS play a significant role since Apple sets the base for the experience economy. Currently, iOS Mobile apps have reached the 1.96 million mark, making it critical for the developer community to stay up-to-date with recent developments to keep pace with this trend.

    There’s an app for everything from strolling your dog to achieving genuine feelings of serenity. developer community stands to gain the most, as the higher the quantity of applications in the application store, the more the client downloads. Indeed, even the best versatile application improvement organizations in Bangalore, and somewhere else, have encountered this event direct..

    The app economy is disrupting the myth that only companies can create great products. But the challenge faced by the app developers is that they need to continually keep up with the latest development trends and user expectations.

    That said; let’s look at some of the latest iOS mobile app development trends that’ll set the tone for 2021.


    iOS Mobile App Development 2021 Trends

    What are the boundaries that will set the iOS versatile application patterns in 2021? Is it Swift Programming, Data Privacy, Security Protocols, Personalization, or User Experience? How extraordinary would they say they will be from the past iOS configuration rehearses?

    Apple’s vision is long term; they look at ten years ahead. The developer community must learn to earn money, just like the iPhone version. Don’t get excited and push feature after feature; instead, get the users hooked to the mobile phone’s foundational characteristics.


    Enhanced Security Protocols

    For all mobile apps out there, security is a priority. Apple has a robust algorithm for the same, which is also one of its USP(s). Think of its hardcore, vigilant security layers, along with its strict policies, which prevent breaching their devices.

    But then, we can’t rule out the notable rise in hacking attacks, a dark affair that has bereft the well-reputed image of the brand at the mercy of a single mistake.

    Apple is trying its best to protect users from the dangers of contemporary/shady technologies that violate any individual’s security and privacy.

    Breaking an individual’s safety relates to violating a human being’s fundamental rights, which is a severe offense. Recently, Apple came up with the initiation of the ‘Enterprise-Wise’ culture to cater to all user needs to create a safe and secure environment.

    Overall, Apple aims to improve security and prevent data breaches or cyber-attack.


    Swift Programming

    It is also the programming language for the applications built with iOS. It has been significant in its employability by various iOS developers to transform their ideas into reality and make their dreams come true. Close to 50% of all apps available on the App Store are written in Swift.

    That said why are developers always eager to learn/pursue this programming language? What’s the craze surrounding this technology?

    The answer to the massive popularity lies in the following reasons. In no particular order, these are:

    1. Swift is an extremely flexible programming language capable of adapting to various developments.
      2. When it comes to safety, Swift is exceptionally safe and secure. With that crucial aspect taken care of, developers can focus on other nitty-gritty while using Apple’s programming language.
      3. The efficiency and scalability of Swift also make it popular among developers.

    Apple had released its 5.3 stable version (the last update to Swift) on Sep 2020. This version found favor with developers as it gave them more punch and bring certain features to the table that aid in app development to a significant extent. Ergo, a win-win situation!

    ICYMI, here are the significant add-ons provided by Swift:
    1. Escaping of the raw strings
    2. Using new scalar Unicode properties
    3. Testing the Integer Multiples
    4. Removing the subsequences and many more
    5. Using the Character properties


    Apple HomeKit

    Next up is a unique offering called HomeKit. HomeKit is known to provide a vast range of benefits to all of its users, such as:

    1. Helping users control and communicate with devices and connect with the respective accessories using the app.
      2. They are giving users complete control of the connected devices. Users can create a group to trigger the Siri voice command.
      3. Additionally, to complement this feature, Apple is working to create ‘Smart Home’ products, which can easily integrate into the devices.

    All in all, HomeKit is one of the biggest innovative offerings provided to developers as it helps them create products and apps that can easily connect to the Apple HomeKit for easy use. There are speculations that this will help bring revolutionary changes to the concept of ‘Home Automation.’ Moreover, the IoT element is expected to grow along with these innovations.

    Apps Focused on IoT Will Gain Prominence

    IoT (Internet of things) is gaining an immense amount of importance for app developers globally. The concept of IoT has been in the buzz for some time now and was crucial in helping programmers develop some exceptional offerings in iOS apps.

    For all the iOS developers out there, IoT is a central element that enhances the usability of the apps. For instance, COVID19 threw many challenges and pushed several developers to create apps related to temperature monitoring.

    Apple Pay is the Easiest and Most Secure Way to Transact

    iOS app developers consider the pay-offline feature as ‘User-Friendly’ for their products. The reason is simple. The developers are super-intent on creating value for their users.

    In the iOS-ecosystem, Apple Pay makes transactions super easy for users, giving them a more accessible, trustworthy and secure payment source.

    With Apple Pay, users don’t have to store details of their cards on their Apple device(s). This feature attracts users who may not want to part with their card details.

    Apple Pay has shown tremendous growth with 507 million iPhone users activating this service, up from 441 million in Sep 2019.

    In the future, we will witness the growth of the iOS domain, which will experience massive expansion. Eventually, users will get to experience more groundbreaking advancements in technology.

    Apple is leading the way.