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    7 Trends in the iOS Application Development for 2021

    March 23, 2021 — By Brain Technosys

    A lot of unexpected shifts will take place in 2021. With the outbreaks of COVID-19 the habits also changed. These new customer demands are now tricky for the iOS app development company to respond to. Companies must respond quickly, search for new opportunities and continue to take advantage of recent technical developments.

    The following also help change the boundaries when previous efforts to break expectations at the annual competition for these most relevant mobile applications. At the same time, new mobile app developments and trends arise.

    1. Internet of Things (IoT)

    The US IoT market is expected in 2022 to hit $500 billion, with the highest share of all consumer technology industries at $180 billion. The world is sweeping through artificial intelligence.

    The network of items appears right where thought space and the kitchen could not control. You are at work; remember the following scenario. But you didn’t keep your door secure. You will protect the building from anywhere you are instead of going anywhere.

    2. 5G Broadband Network

    The long-awaited 5G network is expected for 2021. The number of 5G connections will, according to estimates, increase by 2021 from 20 million to 100 million.

    With the latest update, iPhone 12, Apple has prepared for the launch of 5G networks that display it as the most awaited development of the mobile app. Unlike its ancestor, 4G, 5G is 100 times better.

    3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    When you hear someone say artificial intelligence on smartphones, what does it mean?

    There will be a digital agent and a smartphone app. Alternatively, image-sorting applications focused on AI like Face App, Prisma, and others became popular lately.

    AI will, however, be more involved in our lives by 2021. In addition to upgrading existing software, many other tools can find on smartphones, such as AI-based cameras, speech interpretations, user recommendations, respectively.

    4. Application Production on Different Channels

    You have seen a change in the growth of the smartphone app to cross-platform technology in a few years. In the mobile app market, renowned and significant stars such as Facebook, Alibaba, and others, have used this algorithm to improve their performance.

    5. Mobile Sites That Load Quickly

    Web browsing on smartphones is becoming overwhelming. A simple, instinctive, and user-friendly design is essential for user interaction.

    AMPs can help to accelerate the size and performance. In addition to improving user interaction, AMPs also help enhance web traffic.

    AMP is one of the most rapidly rising design trends for mobile apps using technology to improve growth policies.

    6. Blockchain

    We quickly looked into can cryptocurrencies, and structured authentication blockchain needs to offer.

    Blockchain has complete encryption on all the confidential data. No one can trace the transactions, data transfers, or records. Cybersecurity is undoubtedly the most effective solution.

    7. Security

    It is not a new trend in the growth of mobile applications but a significant trend and constantly needs attention. In the digital app development, security should be the first. Because of technologies such as AI, AR, and VR, data must shield from massive disclosure.


    These are the seven trends that will help you in development of the iOS application that is loved by the users. If you also want to get one developed with the experts then do let us know. Give us a call at Brain Technosys and our experts will guide you in the right direction.