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    Essence Of Private Registration Of Domain Name Before Parking In A Hosting Service

    February 6, 2014 — By Brain Technosys

    Through private registration of domain name, you can keep all your personal details under the wraps. Privacy on the internet has always been intriguing issues for developers. While registering for a domain online, often users have to provide personal information. This data might can be accessed by public, and if handled inappropriately, it might lead to disaster. To avoid these dire consequences, users can opt for private registration of their domain. In this type of registration, users avail the service of a third party which is also known as proxy service. Through this proxy service, users will receive information regarding any query related to their domain.

    Aim of registration

    With your details registered online, you can be a target of internet scams, junk mails and marketing groups. Without shelling huge amount, users can register anonymously with the web hosting services. The main aim of this type of registration is

    • It prevents people from knowing the owner of the domain as often it leads to speculation related to different variations of the domain.
    • Spammers can collect email addresses from the WHOIS database, but with this process they can be restrained from reaching the website.
    • With private registration, viewers can reach the owner of the site directly through a proper channel.

    Your rights reserved

    Spam related to domain can be stopped with this process. Information regarding your identity is kept private through this process. It also prevents the website from being hacked. There are even service providers and affiliate firms who register the domain with the web hosting company and are often termed as the Registrar. But irrespective to this, right of the domain lies on the webmaster. A number of benefits are attached to this process

    • You still have the right to renew, sell and cancel and transfer the domain,
    • Can opt for name servers for the domain.
    • You can also resolve disputes if any, regarding your domain.

    Reregister your domain

    These above mentioned benefits help in making this domain safe against any kind of loss. During the process of registration, the registrar of the domain provides an email address, and it constantly changes in the WHOIS database. Any email sent through this address needs to be filtered of spam and then be sent to a private email id. This helps in avoiding the spammers. While purchasing this type of registration, your existing or the new domain needs to be registered again. Your right on this type of domain is similar to that of public domains. The process followed while registration with any web hosting company makes the process safe so that you can manage it easily.

    Save your details

    As per the mandate of ICANN, governing body in terms of registration of domain names, it is essential to enlist your details while purchasing a domain. It also requires these registrars to maintain the WHOIS database, and it can be attacked. But, with the proxy service, you can avail an anonymous registration, without your identity being disclosed. With the help of a process also known as applications of two patents, you can maintain all your information private away from the eyes of public. In spite of this anonymity, you still have right on your domain. You can sell the domain name or change the content of the site and update different information to the site.

    If you are worried about the information of the WHOIS database be made public, then the private registration is that best option that one can choose from. The expenses incurred for this process is not much. The registrars levy a fee, and there are also some recurring fee involve in this process. This process hinders others utilizing your details for their gain.

    Author Bio: Sam Spencer has recently gone through the process of private registration of domain names. He has registered the name with FatCow, one of the best web host providers. This anonymous hosting has helped him to keep spam at bay.