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    The Most Common PPC Mistakes Web Marketers Make

    December 26, 2013 — By Brain Technosys

    Pay Per Click advertising is a great way to drive traffic to your website but it might cause you loss of money if the right techniques of creating an effective advertisement are not followed. The best way to launch a successful campaign is to know the most common PPC mistakes web marketers make and not repeating them.

    Pay Per Click campaigns are one of the quickest way to draw potential customers to your website and a great brand building tool. But there is a big risk in running PPC campaigns effectively. If not executed well it can prove to be expensive and not result in new conversions. If you are new to PPC marketing it is very important to run a successful campaign with experimenting and practice. Here are most common PPC mistakes web marketeers make:

    1. Directing visitors to home page: One common mistake made by most PPC managers is that they redirect the searchers to home page rather than specific URL that match with the keyword. This is because the PPC managers believe that the real purpose of the campaign is to increase website visibility, but the truth is that the real purpose of the campaign is to add to the sales figure. If you are running PPC ads for the keyword “Red cowboy boots” a product that you sell, redirecting the visitors to home page can result in huge losses.

    2. Not making use of negative keywords: Many PPC experts fail to make use of negative keywords that can then prevent the ads from displaying whenever certain words are searched. Using negative keywords is a great way to control the relevancy without actually eliminating the traffic of broad match campaigns. As a PPC manager you need to spend some time looking out for possible negative keywords that can actually influence the campaign.

    3. Miss on the split-test of the advertisement and text: It is best to test PPC ads prior running them. It is suggested to split-test the ads by creating multiple versions of the advertisement text for the PPC advertisement groups. This will help you determine the text that get you the most click-throughs and on-site conversions.

    4. Relying on Broad Match keyword ads: Broad match keyword advertisements appear only when complete or part of the target keyword phrase is searched for, which offers a great traffic potential. But the relevance is sacrificed here which also means a wastage of PPC funds. Setting the advertisements to exact match or phrases will decrease the traffic but will ensure that the ads appear in the search queries that are relevant to your business.

    5. Directing visitors to contact page: There is nothing more frustrating for visitors than to be redirected to a websites contact page wherein they are forced email newsletters or lead generation form submissions. This will not only affect the sales but also against PPC guidelines. Google AdWords, doesn’t appreciate making visitors to fill out contact forms in exchange for goodies goes against their guidelines.

    All the most common PPC mistakes new AdWords advertisers make can simply be avoided if you undertake PPC management training course at a renowned Pay Per Click Training Institute. Or else you can even enroll for Adwords Certification Courses to know more about intricacies involved in designing a successful PPC campaign.

    About Author: Dino Roy, an Account Manager with Techmagnate, is currently pursuing his MBA in Marketing from the ICFAI University. He also teaches in SEO Institute and brings expansive knowledge and 6 years of working experience in the Internet Marketing industry. He is a Google AdWords and Analytics Certified Professional and his interests extend well beyond PPC to Media Buying, Strategic Planning and Lead Generation. Get more about  PPC management training course here.