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    Career Opportunities in Web Design and Developments

    March 25, 2014 — By Brain Technosys

    With the growth, proliferation and rapid development of World Wide Web and its many ramifications, an aspirant’s career developments in web designing and development has indeed gained necessary impetus and momentum. At one time career opportunities in web designing and development were the natural choice for most aspirants in the web domain, and were very attractive career choices, too. However, economic downturns, global recessionary trends and lowering of demand curves has impacted web design and development business too, but with improved economic outlooks, things are looking up at the moment for such web professionals.

    Web Design

    Essentially, a web designer is one who designs web pages. The incumbent is more focused on the look and feel, the aesthetics of the website, rather than its technical aspects. Thus, things like structure, formatting and designing would be more in line with a web designer’s field of work. There may be need to use WYSIWYG editors rather than going straight on into the HTML directly, for starters. In order to function efficiently as a web designer, it is necessary for the incumbent to have knowledge about HTML, CSS, Design and Project Management. Companies look for Web Designers who have good aesthetic and sense of proportion, who are really very creative and skilled people and have background and experience in this line, or for entry level, those who have necessary skill proficiency and development in the domains of web designing. The tasks associated with web programming, or maintaining databases for data driven websites are outside their purview of tasks. The job of web designers are so much in demand that often people can work on their own as web design consultants, set up and seek  business as freelance, or professional web designers or work in a firm as full time or part time Web Designer. The prospects are enormous and they are usually well paid and well looked after in reputed firms who need high quality, excellent workers with due respect for adherence to pre stated Time Schedules.

    Indeed, web designers like web developers have enormous career opportunities and the skies do not really set limits for earnings and growth potentials in these fields of web activities.

    Web Developer

    Indeed, the job of a web developer is more interesting and complex than that of web designer. In effect, he is responsible for the way the website works rather than how it looks. The technical and functional parts, trouble shooting, perhaps maintenance and up gradation are major areas of active, dedicated, skill full and committed web developer in his business. He works primarily with databases, programming languages and HTML.

    Some of the needed skills for web developers are in terms of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, ASP, Java, Perl or C++. It could also go across to MySQL databases or other kinds of databases and project management activities. Indeed companies are always on the lookout for professionally qualified and competent web developers who could develop and hone strong programming skills independently, and also ensure efficient and continuous work without major hitches, or barriers.

    Conclusion: These engagements do offer the world of opportunities and skill development in high areas of web expertise and web sophistication. There is need for such professionals to make best use of presented opportunities for contributing handsomely and most appropriately, for the growth, development and betterment of organizations to which they owe allegiance, commitments and trust.

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