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    Building Mobile Apps through the Advent of New Android App Development Tools

    February 24, 2023 — By Brain Technosys

    Today, more and more companies are engaged in the task of making tools that will allow Android developers India to execute almost everything and anything easily. This is possible without the requirement of beginning from scratch as the Android platform is developing at a much faster pace. Accordingly, the mobile operating system has taken a dominant place and is innovative with its several versions. This enables supporting various models of smartphones. In this regard, the Android app developers India, can visualize that third parties are also getting engaged in creating mobile applications, which could be used by their employees. This benefit is also extended to other users, like partners engaged in various business ventures and other potential customers. With this type of progress achieved, one can sense that there is no single solution in this space as one can seek any toolset offering different benefits.

    Development Tools Evolution

    With the growing demand, there are several improvements achieved in Android, and therefore, the Android app developers India, have made efforts to decrease the duration of the development lifecycle. All the businesses are looking forward to the launching of solutions, which can cater the requirement of consumers. Here, for the purpose of quick launching of applications, the as a part of Android app developers India, they need to understand even the simplest components.

    The process of development through Android app developers India, commences from IDEs to tutorials involved in the process of learning. This will enable any engineer to start becoming a promising developer. The official language used for the Android development apps is Java. However, the Android app developers India, felt that it was necessary for them to use other languages as well.

    New Development Tool Needs

    With the advancing of mobile technology in terms of the speed of light, it is obvious that applications will become an integral part of the digital ecosystem. However, the difficulty faced as well as cost of the mobile app development cannot be ignored, easily. However, many innovative Android app developers India companies are expected to manage by lowering their overheads. Some of the Android developers India, target more than one mobile platform while some are enthusiastic to target the other platforms of web applications as well.

    Developers of Android apps are engaged in sorting out complex issues during the process of development covering even the simplest possible applications. While building Android apps, the latest development tools are used, and one can get his/her mobile application project proceed smoothly and satisfactorily. Accordingly, it is possible for any user to keep the clients engaged and interested in the business matter with the assistance of mobile apps. The following are some of the important Android developed tools that are compiled and listed below as it is placed and available at one place.

    Android Tools of Wide Range

    These App Development Tools are further categorized into four types of macro-categories:

    They include Plugins, Libraries, Resources with respect to Languages, Editors, and IDEs

    Editors and IDEs

    Under this category, Android Studio is listed as the official IDE. Eclipse is used in coding Java, but it can be expanded to other languages through plugins. Droid Edit is a tool that reflects an Android Text and code editor to use it on Android platforms. Cordova is used in the development of mobile apps using JS, CSS and HTML. It is considered as one of the best tools if an Android app developers India is planning to create a hybrid app. Corona is a tool that is used in games as a part of 2D-development platform, and is recognized as one of the best tools for the development of cross-platform. Titanium is a tool, which allows for the creation of native app for iOS, Android and Windows phone, and runs off as a single JavaScript codebase. Xamarin is another important development tool that is widely featured among all Android app developers India, and has been found very impressive IDE for native Android with open source.

    Some Android Language Resources

    In the case of Java it offers its own development kit to the developer, but it consists of other SDKs as well. Code academy is recognized as one of the best platforms for code learning offered on net base with an interactive feature. In the case of Udemy, it offers features consisting of both highly specific and generic nature of learning courses. Mkyong is another type of language resource that provides the developers a very special type of tutorials and guides on Java development to make coders skilled.

    Famous Android Libraries

    Retrofit is the best solution for organizing API calls. Android View Animations is a library, which provides very simple syntax to get regular view animations. Event Bus assists the developer in making the communication between parts of application very smooth. Butter Knife is another lightweight library resource that creates boilerplate template code. Picasso is a library that is mostly utilized for downloading images for apps.

    Critical Android Plug-ins

    Import Drawable is a plugin that permits the developer for importing drawable at different resolutions and other image-based functionalities; GenY Motion is the most reliable testing and emulation tools used for Android. Robotium Recorder is considered as the perfect framework for both native and hybrid applications that can work both on emulators and Android devices. Android Material Design Icon is one of the easiest ways to create icons at just the right size and resolution.

    Recent Changes in Android App Development

    According to the latest updates of Android app development, the developers can visualize that Android Studio has become the stable IDE as it has given ease to the development process. Further, the developers can see that Gradle has newly replaced Apache Ant as it is recognized as the latest project automation tool. This feature not only defines the external dependencies, but also signs with correct configurations. Lollipop has been considered by developers as the best modification for Android OS.

    The look of the Material design of Android UI has completely changed and has adjusted completely to match the ecosystem of Android. A revolutionary engine, named ART, can organize the application in a method by which the byte-code is broken into files of multiple nature.


    From the above, it is possible that experienced Android developers India, can hone their skills. Besides, it is possible for them to start in an excellent way by making themselves as all-round Android App developers in India.